PDA Series: Accessibility Benefits Everyone

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

CARLI is pleased to host a live webinar presented by Tim Offenstein Accessibility Benefits Everyone on September 23, 1:00PM CST. 

Description: Are you losing patrons because your web site is too difficult for them to use? Are there unintentional roadblocks hidden in your web pages? This presentation will share ideas on how to improve things to benefit all of your audiences. Things like:

  • Using good link text
  • Effective alternative text for images - when to use ALT and when not to
  • Information architecture - can your users easily find relevant information
  • Simple usability tests to uncover hidden blind spots
  • Page structure - does your site have it?
  • Easy ways to test your site for accessibility
  • How does your website sound? Using screen readers 

Tim Offenstein is the Campus Accessibility Liaison for the University of Illinois. He has worked with dozens of clients both on campus and within the community to help them improve the accessibility of their web sites. He is a co-author of the Electronic Information Technology Accessibility Policy for the U of I and an adjunct faculty for the College of Applied Health Sciences co-teaching AHS-494 Information Accessibility Design and Policy. Tim is the director of the IT Accessibility Liaison program serving over 50 colleges and units across all three U of I campuses. 

Registration is available to CARLI members and to members of the ICOLC Professional Development Alliance.

Please register at: https://illinois.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEpce2vqzsvHNF3_LZqtQpqnZerE4l7WOpo