PDA Event: Why I Left the Library Profession III? - DEI Perspective

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Join us for the third webinar with personal stories on why librarians left the profession.  

Moderated by Twanna Hodge, DEI Librarian, University of Florida


Deborah Lilton currently is working remotely for a non-profit that is based in Atlanta, GA. She was an contingent librarian working in the Southeastern United States until COVID-19 terminated that contract. Previously, she worked in Collection Development as a Subject Librarian at a small, private Research 1 institution for over 11 years. She can be reached @loislibrarian

Aneatra King has served youth and families of Broward in different capacities for 17 years. She served as a youth services librarian and supervisor, branch manager, and Coordinator of Youth Services with Broward County Library System for 13 years. Mrs. King continues to serve families in her current role as a Community Engagement Specialist with Broward County Public School’s Office of Family and Community Engagement.

CM Winters Palacio is a retired College Professor and Librarian and a former talk show host of “The Professors” aired on Chicago Public Broadcast Station (PBS) WYCC-TV20. She concluded her career in librarianship with an early retirement from her position as a Library Science Assistant Professor and Library Department Chairperson to help establish our practice, Great Lakes ADR, LLC. For more information take a look at her website.

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