PDA Event: Managing Escalated Patron Situations Face to Face: Your Questions Answered

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

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This webinar is the second session of the two-part De-escalation Tools and Techniques for Library Staff Series, a Professional Development Alliance collaboration between CARLI and Minitex. 

While working with the public in a library, you may have faced stressful or potentially harmful situations.  Perhaps you’ve had an encounter with a patron asking you uncomfortable questions or who has been behaving in an erratic manner. What are the best ways to handle these situations?  What tools do you need to manage the sometimes unpredictable behaviors that patrons can bring to the library? 

Share your biggest de-escalation challenges, questions, and experiences in this anonymous form ahead of this live Q&A session. Alfredo Hernandez, Jr., Safety and Security Program Manager for the University of Minnesota Libraries, will help us to map out how best to respond to the unexpected encounters that can be the joy and challenge of working in a library.

Alfredo Hernandez, Jr. has over eight years of experience working in university public safety, fulfilling frontline duties as well as developing and instructing various safety trainings. Alfredo has certifications in Conflict De-Escalation, Mental Health Crisis Response, Hostile Intruder Response, and Emergency Medical Response.  This webinar is intended especially for front line library staff who work directly with the public at any type of library.

Hosted by Minitex