PDA Event: DEI Success Stories and Exceeding Expectations: Skilltype

Monday, January 30, 2023 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

The U.S. workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, with people of color now making up over 35% of the labor force. The proportion of people of color in the workforce will only increase with time, and experts project that racially and ethnically diverse people will account for over 80% of the working-age population by 2050. The benefits of a truly diverse workforce are well researched including increased creativity, faster problem solving and better overall productivity. However, the amount of true DEI long term success stories are few and far between, especially in libraries.

During this livestreamed event, we will spend time with Tony Zanders (Founder & CEO at Skilltype) to discuss the role diversity has played in his startup’s success. In 2020, Skilltype (www.skilltype.com) was launched to help libraries become as data-driven managing their organizations as they are managing their collections. Members of the Skilltype team will also join to share their experiences being recruited to and working in the library technology industry. Join us for this informative and uplifting webinar about what’s possible when diversity is prioritized from the strategic level.

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Sponsored by ASERL