PDA Event: Blindsided at Work: One Strike and You're Out!

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

This webinar will explore a topic we rarely talk about in the workplace…how written and unwritten policies are weaponized to marginalize, penalize and push people out the door.  In some cases, this is a favorable course of action, but in many instances these actions have long term consequences that erode staff morale, trust, and positive engagement.

Here are a small sample of statements I hear from current employees

  • Our workplace culture is “guilty until proven innocent”
  • Leadership is actively pushing me out the door and I feel helpless
  • As a BIPOC faculty/staff member, I feel more severely penalized for perceived mistakes
  • I was blindsided with a negative performance review/reprimand/memo and was not given a chance to defend myself

As workplace organizations, we can do better. This webinar will discuss strategies to communicate clear expectations but lead with compassion, empathy and transparency.

Elaina Norlin is the Professional Development/DEI Coordinator for ASERL. She has delivered over 80 workshops, presentations and keynote presentations on a wide variety of topics including marketing, user interface design, change management, DEI trends and healthy workplace trends. Her current book on employee engagement, creating healthy workplaces, and tackling workplace culture, The Six-Step Guide to Library Worker Engagement, is available at the American Library Association (ALA)Store.

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