Overdue and Lost Loan Rules Configuration

The Overdue and Lost Loan Profiles monitor long overdue loans and turn them into lost loans when applicable. The profiles can be set up to send progressive reminders to the patron, as well as creating fees and user blocks. The profile setup allows for flexibility to apply the rules based on type of loan and the amount of time that the loan is overdue. The notifications may be configured, with up to five different letters able to be easily created within the profile.

Libraries with Alma-Certified staff can configure the overdue and lost loan rules in Alma Configuration for their local patrons.

Configuration for I-Share patrons is managed by the CARLI Office.

This form is for use by I-Share libraries that would like the CARLI Office to assist in entering a basic set of rules for their local patrons.

Please review the page "Alma: Overdue and Lost Loan Rules, with associated configuration settings" for more information before submitting this form.

Part 1: Overall settings

Part 2: Settings related to the Overdue and Lost Loan Rules

Option 1

Option 2

For each overdue notice you wish to send, you can use the same wording for each, or you can set different wording for each notice. Fill in a box below for each overdue notice you have opted to send.