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Gwendolyn Brooks Building
300 South Second St.
Springfield, IL 62701-1796

Library phone: 217-785-5600
Library fax: 217-782-4446

Library Staff

Acting/Interim Director: Mr. Greg McCormick 217-782-3504
E-Resources Liaison: Mr. Jim Shepard 217-782-5524
ILDS: Ms. Karen Fitzgerald 217-670-9498
Ms. Amy Joseph 217-670-9497
SFX: Mr. Jim Shepard 217-782-5524
I-Share Liaison: Ms. Kathryn Dauksza 217-785-0052
Circulation: Mr. Matthew Henninger 217-782-7573
Patron Billing: Mr. Matthew Henninger 217-782-7573
Inter-Library Loan: Mr. Eric Edwards 217-558-1928
Technical Services: Ms. Carolyn Murphy 217-785-4127
Cataloging: Ms. Carolyn Murphy 217-785-4127
Acquisitions: Ms. Joy Dyson 217-558-4362
Serials: Ms. Carolyn Murphy 217-785-4127
Systems/Connectivity: Mr. Jim Shepard 217-782-5524
Technical Liaison: Mr. Jim Shepard 217-782-5524
Logon Security: Mr. Jim Shepard 217-782-5524
Voyager SysAdmin: Mr. Jim Shepard 217-782-5524

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Alexander Street PressBlack Thought & Culture
Alexander Street PressCounseling and Therapy in Video: Volume I (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressCounseling and Therapy in Video: Volume II (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressCounseling and Therapy in Video: Volume III (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressCriminal Justice and Public Safety in Video (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressEducation in Video (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressHarpWeek 1857 - 1912
Alexander Street PressHealth and Society in Video (CN-00003462)
Cambridge University PressHistorical Statistics of the U.S.
ProQuestIllinois Digital Sanborn Maps
SaskiaSaskia Archive
SpringerSpringer eBooks - Medicine Collection 2005 - 2010
Alexander Street PressWomen & Social Movements

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