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Buswell Memorial Library
510 North Irving Ave.
Wheaton, IL 60187-5593

Library phone: 630-752-5102
Library fax: 630-752-5855

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Library Staff

Director: Ms. Lisa Richmond 630-752-5101
E-Resources Liaison: Ms. Connie Mead 630-752-5964
Ms. Megan Ruenz 630-752-7654
ILDS: Ms. Cheryl Grubb 630-752-5610
SFX: Ms. Megan Ruenz 630-752-7654
I-Share Liaison: Ms. Connie Mead 630-752-5964
Circulation: Ms. Cheryl Grubb 630-752-5610
Ms. Linda Joiner 630-752-5620
Patron Billing: Ms. Cheryl Grubb 630-752-5610
Inter-Library Loan: Ms. Cheryl Grubb 630-752-5610
Public Services: Mr. Joshua Avery 630-752-7434
Technical Services: Ms. Christa Stickler 630-752-5711
Acquisitions: Ms. Connie Mead 630-752-5964
Serials: Ms. Megan Ruenz 630-752-7654
Systems/Connectivity: Mr. Ron Fordham 630-752-5460
Technical Liaison: Mr. Ron Fordham 630-752-5460
Logon Security: Mr. Steve Oberg 630-752-5852
Voyager SysAdmin: Mr. Steve Oberg 630-752-5852

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