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Director: Mr. John Wilkin 217-333-0790
E-Resources Liaison: Ms. Wendy Shelburne 217-244-2068
ILDS: Ms. Marla Crook 217-333-1958
Ms. Alissa Marcum 217-333-1958
I-Share Liaison: Ms. Lynn Wiley 217-244-1846
Circulation: Mr. Rand Hartsell 217-333-8400
Patron Billing: Mr. Richard Stokes 217-300-0216
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Ms. Marla Crook 217-333-1958
Ms. Alissa Marcum 217-333-1958
Public Services: Ms. Sue Searing 217-333-4456
Technical Services: Mr. Thomas Teper 217-244-8755
Cataloging: Mr. Michael Norman 217-333-8350
Acquisitions: Ms. Lynn Wiley 217-244-1846
Serials: Mr. Michael Norman 217-333-8350
Systems/Connectivity: Jim Dohle 217-244-4688
Technical Liaison: Mr. Jonathan Gorman 217-244-4688
Logon Security: Jim Dohle 217-244-4688

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SILO Member: yes for Illinois Newspaper Project ; USNP.
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Alexander Street PressAsian Film Online (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressAsian Film Online: Volume II (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressCounseling and Therapy in Video: Volume III (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressEthnographic Video Online: Volume II (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressEthnographic Video Online: Volume III (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressHarpWeek 1857 - 1912
Alexander Street PressHealth and Society in Video (CN-00003462)
ProQuestIllinois Digital Sanborn Maps
Alexander Street PressLGBT Studies in Video (CN-0003462)
Alexander Street PressNew World Cinema: Major Independent Features and Shorts, 1990-Present (CN-00003462)
SaskiaSaskia Archive
Alexander Street PressSilent Film Online (CN-00003462)
SpringerSpringer eBooks - Medicine Collection 2005 - 2010

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Alexander Street PressAmerican History in Video (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressClassical Music in Video
Alexander Street PressCounseling and Therapy in Video: Volume I (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressCounseling and Therapy in Video: Volume II (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressDance in Video (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressEducation in Video (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressEthnographic Video Online (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressFilmakers Library Online (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressNursing Education in Video (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressOpera in Video
Sage PublicationsSage Deep Backfiles
Sage PublicationsSage E-Reference Collection
Alexander Street PressTheatre in Video: Volume I (CN-00003462)
Alexander Street PressWorld History in Video (CN-00003462)