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Richard J. Daley Library
801 South Morgan
Chicago, IL 60607

Library phone: 312-996-2716
Library fax: 312-413-0424
Library of Health Sciences (LHS-Chi)
Chicago Campus
Mail Code 763
1750 W. Polk Street
Chicago, IL 60612-4346

Library phone: 312-996-8966
Library fax: 312-996-1899
Library of Health Sciences (LHS-Peo)
Peoria Campus
1 Illini Drive
Box 1649
Peoria, IL 61656

Library phone: 309-671-8490
Library fax: 309-671-8495
Library of Health Sciences (LHS-Roc)
Rockford Campus
1601 Parkview Avenue
Rockford, IL 61107-1894

Library phone: 815-395-5650
Library fax: 815-395-5655
Library of Health Sciences (LHS-Urb)
Urbana Campus
102 Medical Sciences Building
506 S. Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 6180-1

Library phone: 217-333-4893
Library fax: 217-333-9559

Library Staff

Director: Ms. Mary Case 312-996-2716
E-Resources Liaison: Ms. Deborah Blecic 312-996-2730 (LHS-Chi)
Kavita Mundle 312-413-2571
ILDS: Ms. Gail Davis 309-671-8490 (LHS-Peo)
Ms. Kathleen Kilian 312-996-6649
Ms Leslie Wedel 815-395-5654 (LHS-Roc)
CONTENTdm: Mr. Ian Collins (312) 413-4408
I-Share Liaison: Ms. Gwen Gregory 312-996-2736
Circulation: Ms. Gail Davis 309-671-8490 (LHS-Peo)
Mr. Jeffrey Loftiss 217-333-4893 (LHS-Urb)
Mr. Joel Sanders 312-996-8966 (LHS-Chi)
Mr. Dante Williams 312-996-2724
Ms Leslie Wedel 815-395-5654 (LHS-Roc)
Patron Billing: Ms. Kathleen Kilian 312-996-6649
Mr. Joel Sanders 312-996-8966 (LHS-Chi)
Michael Duran 312-996-6177
Inter-Library Loan: Ms. Jill Evans 217-333-1222 (LHS-Urb)
Ms. Kathleen Kilian 312-996-6649
Mr. John Matthews 312-996-4886
Mr. Kevin O'Brien 312-998-8991 (LHS-Chi)
Ms. Christine Wadle 309-671-8493 (LHS-Peo)
Ms. Janet McMahon 815-395-5656 (LHS-Roc)
Public Services: Ms. Paula Dempsey 312-413-3060
Mr. Bob Daugherty 312-996-2734
Ms. Felicia Barrett 815-395-5660 (LHS-Roc)
Ms. Emily Johnson 309-671-8493 (LHS-Peo)
Mr. Ryan Rafferty 217-244-2261 (LHS-Urb)
Technical Services: Ms. Robin Beck 217-244-2260 (LHS-Urb)
Ms. Christine Wadle 309-671-8493 (LHS-Peo)
Ms. Gwen Gregory 312-996-2736
Ms. Radha Ramaswamy 815-395-5664 (LHS-Roc)
Cataloging: Ms. Robin Beck 217-244-2260 (LHS-Urb)
Ms. Christine Wadle 309-671-8493 (LHS-Peo)
Ms. Radha Ramaswamy 815-395-5664 (LHS-Roc)
Acquisitions: Mr. Stephen J. Smith 312-996-5279
Serials: Mr. Stephen J. Smith 312-996-5279
Systems/Connectivity: Mr. Robert J. Sandusky 312-413-9822
Technical Liaison: Ms. Lisa Blake 312-996-3850
Logon Security: Ms. Lisa Blake 312-996-3850
Voyager SysAdmin: Ms. Lisa Blake 312-996-3850

I-Share Member since Mar 1980

SILO Member: no, yes (LHS Chi) (LHS Peo) (LHS Roc) (LHS Urb)
OCLC Holding Symbol: IAY, IAX (LHS Chi) (LHS Peo) (LHS Roc) (LHS Urb)
System Affiliation: RAILS
Library-Use IDs: 000-01-0000 to 000-01-9999
000-02-0000 to 000-02-9999 (LHS Chi) (LHS Peo) (LHS Roc) (LHS Urb)

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