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Medical Library
801 North Rutledge St.
PO Box 19625
Springfield, IL 62794-9625

Library phone: 217-545-2658
Library fax: 217-545-0988

Library Staff

Director: Ms. Taran Ley 217-545-0994
E-Resources Liaison: Mr. Geoff Pettys 217-545-0353
ILDS: Ms. Sheri Daniels 217-545-1684
SFX: Ms. Carol Gordon 217-545-7452
Mr. Geoff Pettys 217-545-0353
I-Share Liaison: Mr. Geoff Pettys 217-545-0353
Circulation: Ms. Gloria Newton Davlantis 217-545-2418
Patron Billing: Ms. Gloria Newton Davlantis 217-545-2418
Inter-Library Loan: Ms. Sheri Daniels 217-545-1684
Technical Services: Mr. Geoff Pettys 217-545-0353
Cataloging: Ms. Lori Thompson 217-545-2117
Acquisitions: Ms. Lori Thompson 217-545-2117
Serials: Ms. Ann Gonterman 217-545-2126
Technical Liaison: Mr. John Morgan 217-545-2487
Mr. Robert Grant 217-545-6804
Logon Security: Mr. Geoff Pettys 217-545-0353
Voyager SysAdmin: Ms. Sheri Daniels 217-545-1684

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System Affiliation: IHLS
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