Instruction Committee Meeting: September 11, 2019

Met via Skype

Members attending:

Amy Hall (co-chair), National-Lewis University; Marielle McNeal (co-chair), North Park University; Kristin Allen, Harper College; Annie Armstrong, University of Illinois at Chicago; Joshua Avery, Wheaton College; Tish Hayes, Moraine Valley Community College; Molly Mansfield, Northeastern Illinois University; Christina Norton, Heartland Community College; Dee Anna Phares, Northern Illinois University.

CARLI Staff: Lorna Engels, Debbie Campbell

Guests: None


  • Dee Anna, Kristin and Christina will all continue to explore options for hosting the instruction showcase at their institutions 
  • Baseline accessibility considerations for instruction: Kristin would be willing to reach out about such an event or potentially work it into the instruction showcase
  • Article club:
    • Proposed schedule:  early November for first article, twitter chat in December, Stefanie Bluemle/Augustana article and webinar in January/February, webinar in Spring on authority during primary season
    • Stefanie Bluemle article, Post-Facts: Information Literacy and Authority after the 2016 Election, will be paired lateral reading article
    • Consider Stanford authors as webinar participants
    • Zoom access is available, the committee agreed that we should try this platform
  • Twitter chats: 
    • We will continue to host twitter chats and will think of ways to market more to CARLI members
    • We will push the Twitter chat towards winter/December, with a theme related to evaluating resources (“alternatives to CRAAP”); this could help set the stage for further focus on evaluation 
    • We will need to develop targeted themes; chats could be an extension of article discussions and/or webinars
  • We agreed that our programming is sufficient: article club, instruction showcase in spring, webinar about new approaches to evaluating information, twitter chat(s), collaboration with Public Services Committee


  • CARLI is still getting configuration forms for all libraries in order to get test instances of ALMA set up in October
  • Mid-level leadership symposium on September 25th still accepting applications. Deadline for application is September 16th
  • Tim Lockhart has accepted a full-time instructional designer position and has resigned from this committee 

Tasks assigned:

  • Tish will prepare copy for first article club; committee members will contribute questions prior to October meeting  
  • Tish will facilitate and plan questions for the first article, Molly will help facilitate
  • Debbie and Lorna will follow up with Denise about ALMA collaboration with Public Services Committee, their first in-person meeting is September 20
  • Dee Anna will flesh out a draft of the theme for the year, Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone, and the committee will discuss this further at the October meeting
  • Marielle and Amy will email Stephanie Bluemle about being featured in and attending the article club as well as doing a webinar (potentially a panel) in the winter
  • Instruction showcase: everyone who voiced interest in hosting will continue to investigate options 
  • Debbie will arrange article club registration as soon as we have a write-up (1:00 on November 6)
  • Dee Anna, Kristin and Christina will all continue to explore options for hosting the instruction showcase at their institutions 

Adjourned: 2:30 p.m.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 9, 2019
  • Schedule of Instruction Committee Meetings:
    • October 9, 2019
    • November 13, 2019
    • December 11, 2019
    • January  8, 2020
    • February 12, 2020
    • March 11, 2020
    • April 8, 2020
    • May 13, 2020
    • June 10, 2020

Minutes AA 9/20/2019