Instruction Committee Meeting: October 21, 2020

Met via Zoom

Members Attending: Dee Anna Phares (co-chair), Northern Illinois University; Christina Norton (co-chair), Bradley University; Tish Hayes, Moraine Valley Community College; Annie Armstrong, University of Illinois Chicago; Joshua Avery, Wheaton College; Molly Mansfield, Dominican University; Kristin Allen, Harper College; and Amy Hall, National Louis University.

Staff Attending: Debbie Campbell and Denise Green

Guests: None

Upcoming Events and Projects 

Committee Self-Assessment/Re-envisioning (Christina Norton)

  • CARLI committee chairs meeting will take place on 10/27/20; will know more about any changes we might want to make to report
  • Christina’s draft for our report:
  • First draft is due Dec. 1

COVID’s Impact on CARLI libraries' Reference and Instruction Services (Christina Norton)

  • Survey of CARLI libraries for publication in Internet Reference Services Quarterly (IRSQ)
  • Waiting to hear back from Lisa Hinchcliffe
  • Arrange a meeting for those working on the project (develop survey questions)? Weds. noon Nov. 4th

CARLI Instruction Committee: Online Accessibility/Inclusion Discussion (Dee Anna Phares and Christina Norton)

  • Announcement went out on 10/9/20, reminder Monday of event week
  • 50 registered currently
  • Moderators-  monitor chat questions, etc. Molly (moderator, will ask questions), Amy watch chat, Dee Anna backup assist.
  • Core questions to be sent to registrants one day in advance and on day of event.
  • Will record

CARLI Annual Meeting (Dee Anna Phares)

  • 11/13/20 - 10:15am to 3:00pm via Zoom
  • Registration link:

Primo VE: In Practice (Dee Anna Phares)

Other Business- none

Adjourned around 2 p.m.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Zoom

Schedule of Instruction Committee Meetings:

  • Wednesday, December 16, 2020, Zoom
  • Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, Zoom