Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: October 9, 2019

Meeting held via Zoom

Members attending: 

Amy Hall (co-chair), National-Lewis University; Marielle McNeal (co-chair), North Park University; Kristin Allen, Harper College; Annie Armstrong, University of Illinois at Chicago; Joshua Avery, Wheaton College; Tish Hayes, Moraine Valley Community College; Molly Mansfield, Northeastern Illinois University; Christina Norton, Heartland Community College; Dee Anna Phares, Northern Illinois University.

CARLI Staff: Debbie Campbell

Absent: Lorna Engels

Guests: None


  • CARLI will announce when data review for Alma/Primo will happen sometime in October
  • Article Club email went out
  • Reminder that November 15th is the CARLI Annual Meeting in Champaign, IL and it will include CARLI Counts poster sessions


  • Article Club
    • Number of registrants at 34 as of 10/9/19
    • Committee decided to keep the conversation moving organically and keep questions in case it’s necessary to jump in
  • IACRL Partnership
    • Marielle and Amy reached out to Michelle to partner in winter article club
  • Public Services Committee Collaboration (Alma/Primo Project)
    • This collaboration would be a subgroup; reps from Instruction and Public Services would meet separately to focus on providing assistance with Alma/Primo
    • Two tasks were discussed that could make sense for the Instruction Committee:
    • Creating user guides & tutorials
    • Planning for an in-person training (Spring semester)
  • CARLI Annual Meeting
    • A one page summary of FY19 & FY20 is due Oct 21st
    • A representative from our committee may volunteer to present this document at the CARLI meeting, (Amy volunteered as she is already attending)
    • Amy and Marielle will write up a draft and upload to Google Drive
  • Updates on CARLI Instruction Showcase
    • DeAnna mentioned that NIU is celebrating their 125 year anniversary, so NIU would not be in the running this year, but will look at 2021
    • Kristin mentioned Harper has the last 2 weeks in May open and can accommodate a larger room for keynote speaker, 3 breakout rooms, possible on-campus ADS collaboration
  • Twitter Chat
    • Date suggested: Friday, December 13th at 12pm
    • Topic will be “New Approaches to Evaluating Information”
    • Hashtags needed for chat
      • #CutTheCRAAP (suggested, and currently it is not already being used on Twitter)
      • When creating hashtags, use capitalized letter for each first word (this makes it work with screen readers)

Tasks Assigned

  • All committee members: final list of article club questions are due on before meeting on Friday, November 13th
  • Marielle and Amy will contact Michelle Nielsen Ott and report back with details on possible collaboration on article club (Michelle is meeting on 10/17)
  • Marielle/Amy will reach out to Public Services Committee to say our committee is interested in collaborating, and to talk about details
  • Marielle is waiting to hear back from Stephanie Bluemle about being featured in and attending the article club as well as doing a webinar (potentially a panel) in the winter
  • Instruction showcase: Christina and Kristin will continue to investigate options for location and will finalize date/location at next meeting on 11/13
    • Look into insurance, other forms that need to be completed
    • Catering: are boxed lunches an option
  • All committee members will submit possible hashtags for Twitter Chat by meeting on 11/13

Adjourned: 1:56 p.m.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 13th on Zoom
  • Schedule of Instruction Committee Meetings:
    • November 13, 2019
    • December 11, 2019
    • January  8, 2020
    • February 12, 2020
    • March 11, 2020
    • April 8, 2020
    • May 13, 2020
    • June 10, 2020

Minutes KA 10/11/2019