Instruction Committee Meeting: June 16, 2021

Met via Zoom

Members attending: Dee Anna Phares (co-chair), Northern Illinois University; Christina Norton (co-chair), Bradley University; Tish Hayes, Moraine Valley Community College; Annie Armstrong, University of Illinois Chicago; Molly Mansfield, Dominican University;f and Amy Hall, National Louis University.

Members Absent: Joshua Avery, Wheaton College and Kristin Allen, Harper College

Staff attending: Denise Green and Debbie Campbell 


  • 9th Annual Instruction Showcase held on May 21, 2021 was a success (80+ people in attendance, 117 registrations). Committee will consider format (online or in-person) for future Showcases; will ask attendees of this year’s event about preferences in follow-up feedback survey which will be distributed by Friday, June 18, 2021.
  • Thank you letters were sent to all who presented at the Instruction Showcase on May 21, 2021.
  • Annual Report is complete and ready to be submitted on June, 16, 2021.
  • CARLI COVID survey IRB was approved by UIC and the survey was disseminated on June 2, 2021.


  • July events
    • Ex libris knowledge days/presentations
    • PDA Series events (see CARLI calendar). 
    • Supporting Academic Success: Open Educational Resources and Affordable Course Materials (CARLI OER Faculty Workshop) on July 15, from 10-noon
    • University of Illinois System/CARLI awarded a 3-year $1.08 million from the US Department of Education’s Open Textbooks Pilot Program
  • New committee members for FY 22: 
    • William (Bill) Condon- Prairie State
    • Joanna Kolendo- Chicago State
    • Alex O’Keefe- School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    • Heather Koopmans- Illinois State University
    • Firouzeh Rismiller- DePaul University
    • Loren Mixon- Kankakee Community College
  • Committee members leaving at the end of FY 21: 
    • Anne Armstrong (University of Illinois-Chicago)
    • Joshua Avery (Wheaton College)
    • Amy Hall (National Louis University)
    • Molly Mansfield (Dominican University)
    • Christina Norton (Bradley University)
    • Committee members continuing for FY 22:
    • Kristin Allen (Harper College)
    • Tish Hayes (Moraine Valley Community College)
    • Dee Anna Phares (Northern Illinois University)

Tasks Assigned: 

  • Debbie/Denise will contact the current committee members and ask about their willingness to serve as Chair or Co-Chair for FY22.
  • Dee Anna will draft language for questions about the format of future Instruction Showcases and solicit feedback from the committee. 
  • Debbie will upload video of Instruction Showcase.
  • Denise will send out reminder emails about completing the CARLI COVID survey on July 12 and August 6.
  • Annie will send out a poll in order to schedule a July meeting with members of the subcommittee working on CARLI COVID survey.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

Next Meeting: August 2021--Date and time TBD by new Chair/Co-Chairs