Instruction Committee: Meeting April 8, 2020

Met via Zoom

Present: Amy Hall (co-chair), National-Lewis University; Dee Anna Phares (co-chair), Northern Illinois University; Kristin Allen, Harper College; Annie Armstrong, University of Illinois at Chicago; Joshua Avery, Wheaton College; Tish Hayes, Moraine Valley Community College; Molly Mansfield, Northeastern Illinois University; and Christina Norton, Bradley University.

CARLI Staff: Lorna Engels and Debbie Campbell

Guests: None

Announcements, Updates, Recaps

  • CARLI updates (Debbie & Lorna) 
    • Suspending open calls for committee volunteers
      • Who wants to stay on this committee another year?
      • Our committee is not as product-centric so less affected by Alma/Primo transition
    • Upcoming Alma/Primo webinars are listed on the CARLI website
  • Getting Ready for Primo VE Recap
    • We appreciate the schedule, organization, structuring of the day (Molly)
      • May take cues from this event when organizing the Showcase for an online format (Lorna)
    • Dee Anna and Christina had a pretty good experience presenting despite some small technical glitches 
  • ACT UP webinar recap
    • Dawn did a great job describing and contextualizing and being engaging!
    • We think the evaluation form looks pretty good as well!
  • Instruction Showcase, 5/29/2020
    • Officially transitioning to a virtual showcase OR cancelling
      • Update on submitted proposals: we have…….two!
      • Canceling considerations: we don’t have a lot of submissions
      • Making virtual considerations: providing venue for otherwise lost presenting opportunities, can always just shorten the event to reflect number of proposals
      • We have decided to make it virtual!
    • Send out new announcement and call for proposals with virtual transition and extended deadline
      • Dee Anna has agreed to revamp the call for proposals by 4/9/2020, and to notify submitters re: change of format
      • New deadline for proposals: May 8th
    • What will the virtual showcase look like?
      • Separate rooms or just one continuous room? One room seems to be the best idea
      • 20 minute presentations + Q&A 
        • If very few, can get have more time
        • Another possibility: do a teaching demonstration and get feedback
      • A suggestion from the Primo event: let people chat during lunch break, maybe put people in breakout rooms or a separate Zoom meeting to mingle
        • We are all feelin’ the isolation
      • Harper ADS workshop may be unfeasible, but perhaps a general presentation?
        • Kristin will see if they are still interested/available
  • Instruction/Public services joint sub-committees
    • Maybe these committees are done!
    • Tutorials/user guides committee still working to compile a list of Good Ideas

Minute taker: Christina Norton