I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: February 20, 2013

Members Present: Paul Go, Jim LeFager, Kirk Hess, Jan Waterhouse, Jamie Bourne, Karl Pettitt, Paige Weston, Rong Li, TJ Lusher, Kelly Fisher and Jacob Jeremiah


IUG Report:

IUG met last week and are wrapping up details on the March 26 liaison meeting at Elmhurst. They are discussing future planning under the new committee structure that starts July 1. The iOPAC team decided to meet with IUG on Friday, March 22 to discuss any ongoing projects continuing after July 1 that they should be aware of. Details will be provided by IUG.

CARLI Report:

Two bug-fixes have been put in place:

  • Paige added ignoring unnumbered when put at the end of an unnumbered series title. However, this broke a previous enhancement that was stripping the semi-colon from the end of the series title before the numbering. Now both the semicolon and the word unnumbered are being stripped.
  • Hyperlinked 710 field for corporate author was executing a search on multiple subfields but not subfield b. An added entry for an institution name followed by a department name was a failed search. That has now been fixed.


VuFind 2.0

Paige sent an email with details asking if we should consider VuFind 2.0. We discussed CARLI’s XC development efforts, which to date have been more back-end; the Drupal front-end was designed for a single library not a consortium. Considering VuFind 2.0 does not derail XC efforts because it would point to the XC MST and NCIP that CARLI has developed.

Paige shared a front-end PDF diagram of the Voyager system with various interfaces, and Jim emailed a link to a VuFind change log that identifies upcoming changes.

iOPAC team supports gap analysis and is willing to be involved in it, and team members expressed support that this would allow us to be part of the trunk and would allow us to make changes outside of CARLI. Paul also suggested that we merge our current code back into VuFind.

Our call numbers are in MFHD records, not bib records. Should we index the large number of MFHD call numbers so that we can have a call number search/browse? It is possible to do.

CARLI used to conduct a UC rebuild project once per year to merge duplicate bib records prior to VuFind. What needs to happen now is to de-dupe the front-end instead of catalog cleanup, which is why we’re interested in FRBR within the interface.

Discovery Layer Forum

Illinois Math & Science (Summon), Columbia College and SIU Carbondale (EBSCO Discovery), UIUC and NIU (Primo), and UIS and DePaul (WorldCat Local) are willing to participate in the forum. Paul will contact other Summon libraries to find a second institution to participate.

We’re considering one discovery system per week.

All sessions will be held at 10:00 am:

  • March 27 – WorldCat Local
  • April 3 – Primo
  • April 10 – Ebsco
  • April 16 or 24 – Summon

Each institution will have 20 minutes, leaving 20 minutes for questions from participants. Questions we drafted in September:

  • How is this affecting users on and off campus
  • What was done to resolve issues
  • Opted for Local or Hosted solution and why
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages
  • How was the discovery layer branded, what were your options, and what was the reasoning/drive behind your decision
  • Length of implementation
  • How is I-Share included in the Discovery Layer?  What are the request options, how are I-Share items presented

We will encourage each institution to bring in additional speakers that were involved in the implementation and to discuss issues unique to their institution and/or discovery system within their 20 minute allotment.