SFX Systems Committee Minutes November 11, 2015


Mary Burkee (CARLI), Xiaotian Chen (BRA), Denise Green (CARLI), Max King (IIT), Joanna Kolendo (CSU), Jeff Matlak (WIU), Steve Oberg – chair (WHE), Cynthia Scott (SML), Peter Tubbs (RSH), Paige Weston (CARLI)

CARLI update

Paige reported that there were no updates relating to SFX work at this time.

Updates on webinars

Andy made great progress on a script (and slides) for the webinar on "How Do I Control Which Links Users See on Our SFX Menu?”, which is a high priority for the CARLI SFX community. He plans to incorporate screenshots and audio soon. Paige also mentioned the work done by Stacey Knight-Davis, a former committee member, on how to localize PubMed. Several people commented positively on Stacey’s work.

Denise mentioned a potential new webinar topic on using UStat. Many on the committee feel that something like this would be good to do. A few people in the SFX admin community were identified who might be willing to do a webinar on this topic.

Steve raised the idea of a webinar that deals with how to effectively use SFX stats queries to supplement or complement vendor-supplied statistics. The committee decided that this could be a focus for the next quarterly open conference call. Jeff, along with Lauren, volunteered to prepare something for that call. If community reaction is positive, the committee will then think about creating a separate webinar on this topic.

Discuss ways to divvy up work on the FY16 deliverable

Committee members spent significant time discussing the end product that our deliverable will achieve and decided that in the end, we do not want step-by-step instructions on how to do X. Rather, we want simple, one or two page documents that outline the considerations that SFX admins should be aware of when thinking about integration of SFX with other systems or services. These will take the form of PDF, HTML, or Word document links from the CARLI site.

With the ultimate product clarified, committee members quickly went through a list of SFX integrations and volunteered themselves to work on developing documents for each:

  • PubMed/NCBI -> Peter
  • WorldCat (worldcat.org) -> Joanna
  • WorldCat Local/WorldCat Discovery -> Steve
  • EZProxy -> Cynthia, Max
  • EBSCO Discovery Service -> Lauren
  • Google Scholar -> Jeff, Xiaotian
  • Serials Solutions -> ?
  • RefWorks -> Peter?
  • ILLiad -> Andy
  • CrossRef -> Peter, Cynthia
  • BrowZine -> Steve