SFX Systems Committee Minutes October 14, 2015


Mary Burkee (CARLI), Xiaotian Chen (BRA), Denise Green (CARLI), Max King (IIT), Joanna Kolendo (CSU), Jeff Matlak (WIU), Steve Oberg – chair (WHE), Cindy Scott (SML), Peter Tubbs (RSH), Paige Weston (CARLI)

Meeting minutes from 9 September

Peter kindly volunteered to do these minutes and will email them to the committee for review.

ACTION: Peter to email minutes from 9 September to the committee with deadline for feedback from committee members of Friday, 16 October.

CARLI Update

Paige mentioned the news that Susan Singleton is retiring, and talked about extensive work she has done to further improve the Report a broken link functionality to make it more compliant with basic accessibility requirements. For example, she worked with an accessibility/UI design expert at UIUC to ensure that a user could use the tab key to navigate through the form. The changes she put together have been shared with Ex Libris with hopes that they will be quickly incorporated into the software as a bug fix.

Review and discuss SurveyMonkey results from last quarterly conference call

Lauren led discussion of the survey results previously shared by Paige. Only about 1/3 of SFX administrators responded, which is a rather low response rate. However, after some discussion, the committee concluded that feedback shows we are on the right track. The committee is unanimously in favor of continuing to schedule quarterly calls and will look at ways to promote them more in order to get more participation.

ACTIONS: The committee set Tuesday, 8 December from 2-3p CDT as the next scheduled conference call. A CARLI person will send an email notification about this next call to the SFX-IG discussion list and ensure that it is on the official CARLI calendar.

Decide on FY16 deliverable idea(s)

Steve noted that we need a decision soon since it is due to be reported to Susan Singleton by 2 November. The existing ideas were briefly reviewed again. Max noted interest in #3 (SFX Data from/and/in/to other systems) but there wasn’t immediate consensus on a specific idea in the call. Paige pointed out that we could do more than one thing if we wanted. Steve suggested that he create a Doodle poll to get a decision made.

ACTION: Steve will set up a Doodle poll and email a link to the committee. Committee members will be asked to indicate first and second choices. A final committee decision will be reached via email.

Decide on vice-chair/chair-elect

Max asked about what is involved in this role. Steve and Paige explained their understanding of the position and what it entails, along with the responsibilities of the committee chair. They also noted that due to the end date of their term on the committee, the following members are ineligible: Joanna, Steve, and Xiaotian.

ACTION: Max volunteered for the role and this was promptly and unanimously approved by the rest of the committee.

Updates on webinars

Several webinars are in process including “How Can I Customize the Look and Feel of SFX?” (Andy and Joanna), “How Can My Users Report a Problem?” (Peter), “How Do I Add an A-Z Search Widget to My Library’s Web Page?” (Steve), “How Do I Control Which Links Users See on Our SFX Menu?” (Andy and Steve), “How Do I Search the Knowledge Base?” (Joanna), “How Do I Tidy Up My Knowledge Base? Using the Localization Manager” (Peter and Paige), and “How Does SFX Know What We Subscribe To? The Elsevier Autoloader” (unassigned). Peter has already made great progress on “How Do I Tidy Up My Knowledge Base? Using the Localization Manager” because he prepared a presentation on this at the previous quarterly conference call in September. Cindy and others felt that an important webinar to complete is “How Do I Control Which Links Users See on Our SFX Menu?”.

ACTIONS: Steve will touch base with Andy about making any other changes to the “How Do I Control Which Links Users See on Our SFX Menu?” that are needed so that it finally gets finished. Their focus will be on completing the script so that someone can record the webinar. Steve will ask Andrea Imre if she might be willing to create the webinar on “How Does SFX Know What We Subscribe To? The Elsevier Autoloader”.