Discovery Primo VE Committee: October 12, 2022

Members present: Aimee Walker (JOL), Alice Creason (LEW), Allan Berry (UIC), Andrew Belongea (COL), Rachelle Stivers (HRT), Colin Koteles (COD), Lindsey Skaggs (ISU)

Members absent: Marlee Graser (SIE), Matt Short (NIU)

CARLI Staff Present: Jessica Gibson, Amy Maroso

  1. Minutes from the September meeting were approved.
  2. Lindsey Skaggs was confirmed as notetaker for the meeting.
    1. Reviewed the note-taker roster for the rest of the year:
      • Colin Koteles (November)
      • Lindsey Skaggs (December)
      • Marlee Graser (January)
      • Matt Short (February)
      • Rachelle Stivers (March)
      • Andrew Belongea (April)
      • Aimee Walker (May)
      • Alice Creason (June)
  3. September Release Notes review
    1. The September release is essentially a bug fix release, though there were a couple enhancements included.
    2. CDI-related updates were added to the notes as well, since CDI records only display in Primo.
    3. The November 6th release sneak peek is available here.
      • Most changes will be for Alma, not Primo.
    4. Creason noted that the next webinar is October 25th for the Q4 update.
  4. Sub-Committees Updates
    1. Dedup/FRBR (Alice, Andrew)
      • Group met on Monday, September 26th. Currently focusing on the “Bible problem” (how multiple versions of the Bible are being FRBRized) and are considering strategies for addressing it.
      • The subcommittee has a problem log to investigate the FRBR issues further.
      • The group hopes to be able to provide advice before the next reindexing in January 2023.
    2. Local fields (Matt, Marlee)
      • Jessica advised that the subcommittee is looking at a list of local fields compiled last year that could be pushed out to all member institutions. They are testing these in the sandbox. We’d welcome review and feedback from anyone on the committee on the fields in our draft spreadsheet
      • Pushing out the local fields to IZs does not automatically enable it for indexing or display – IZs can either index fields or wait until the semi-annual indexing, though a few of them are pre-indexed.
      • Each field has to be pushed out one at a time, so we can push them out in batches.
      • Perhaps CARLI/the committee could sponsor a “hackathon” to help them do local field customizations? This could be a good way to foster peer-to-peer assistance and interaction.
    3. Local resource types (Andrew, Alice, Lindsey)
      • Subcommittee met to discuss resource type limitations; group is currently in fact-finding mode
      • Each institution can add their resource type “wish list” here
      • Group will identify local resource types to enable across the NZ
      • Question to address: If we add a local field that matches a CDI resource type (such as Government Document), would they be duplicated in the facet pane?
    4. Usability best practices (Lindsey, Aimee, Colin, Rachelle, Allan)
      • Subcommittee met to discuss outcomes: bringing together documentation and hosting webinars/sharing sessions
      • We plan to host a two-part webinar series: How to Get Started with Usability, and How to Make Changes Based on Usability (rough titles!)
      • The first webinar is tentatively scheduled for December 13th from 12:30 - 2:00pm.
  5. Combining our voting powers: Primo IDEA Exchange
    1. Are there items we want to vote for? Stuff the box?
    2. Look at the list and see what you think!
  6. Other topics/questions?
    1. Aimee thought we might want to consider looking at previous release notes to see if there are items that have been missed that we would want to promote/provide information about/etc.
      1. Notes available here
    2. Office Hours “potpourri of customizations” here
      1. The committee could do these sorts of updates in the future - either as part of Office Hours or as as standalone thing