Discovery Primo VE Committee: September 14, 2022

Members present: Andrew Belongea (COL), Allan Berry (UIC), Alice Creason (LEW), Aimee Walker (JOL), Rachelle Stivers (HRT), Marlee Graser (SIE), Lindsey Skaggs (ISU), Colin Koteles (COD), Matt Short (NIU)

Members absent: None.

CARLI Staff Present: Jessica Gibson, Amy Maroso

  1. Minutes from August meeting were approved.
  2. Alice Creason was confirmed as notetaker for the meeting.
    1. Reviewed the note-taker roster for the rest of the year:
      • Allan Berry (October)
      • Colin Koteles (November)
      • Lindsey Skaggs (December)
      • Marlee Graser (January)
      • Matt Short (February)
      • Rachelle Stivers (March)
      • Andrew Belongea (April)
      • Aimee Walker (May)
      • Alice Creason (June)
  3. Areas of investigation/sub-committees
    Several members stated they were not receiving committee emails. Discussed sub-group members and where more volunteers are needed.
    1. Dedup/FRBR
      Alice designated lead for group.
    2. Local fields
      Marlee joined Local Fields sub-group. Matt designated lead.
    3. Local resource types
      Andrew designated as lead.
    4. Usability
      Aimee Walker and Allan joined the sub-group. Lindsey designated as lead.
  4. Allan recommended that the sub-groups meet before the next meeting and discuss priorities/goals for each group. Reminder to include Jessica and Amy on any Doodle polls or meeting invites for the sub-groups. Amy will set up Zoom rooms for the sub-groups.
  5. Other topics/questions
    Lindsey provided some background on the sub-groups and how they were formed. She also started discussion of possible deliverables for the sub-groups. The committee also discussed webinars or lab reports as part of the CARLI Office Hours as possible avenues for communication with the membership.
    1. PrimoVE Update Review
      Jessica did a report at the last Office Hours for recent PrimoVE updates that was well-received. The committee briefly discussed ways to review and communicate changes to the membership.