Discovery Primo VE Committee: August 10, 2022

Members present: Andrew Belongea (COL), Alice Creason (LEW), Colin Koteles (COD), Matt Short (NIU), Lindsey Skaggs (ISU), Rachelle Stivers (HRT), Aimee Walker (JOL)

Members absent: Marlee Graser (SIE), Allan Berry (UIC)

CARLI Staff Present: Jessica Gibson, Amy Maroso

  1. Welcome Andrew Belongea taking over for Tami who is no longer with DePaul
  2. Minutes from July 13th meeting approved
    1. Rachelle motioned to approve, Colin seconded
  3. Note taker roster reviewed
  4. Reviewed, updated, and approved committee charge for presentation to CARLI Board
  5. Quarterly Primo VE release notes review by committee
    1. Want to make sure we are not duplicating efforts
    2. Focus on reviewing that which applies most to discovery to bring to the attention member libraries or address as a committee
  6. Topics of work/inquiry for the committee
    1. Dedupe/FRBR is a continued issue for member libraries and should be taken on by committee
    2. Local fields/resource types are CARLI backed initiatives that should continue and continue to receive tickets from member libraries
    3. Lindsey created a list of broad categories taken straight from committee charge and possible methods to disseminate information to members which will be shared in committee Google Drive folder.
    4. CARLI confidence survey indicated interest in learning more regarding customization and configuration from what other member libraries are doing. This could include a combination of discussion, documentation, and advocacy.
    5. Discussed formats for delivery
      • Possibly workshop format of presentations followed with hands-on work time and real time assistance with implementation
      • Webinars on a topic (two per semester?)
    6. First items to tackle:
      • Dedup/FRBR
      • Usability best practices
      • Local fields
      • Local resource types
    7. Usability testing webinar this semester is a goal
    8. Jessica will write summary about what’s already been done on Dedup/FRBR, Local fields, Local resources types and send out to group prior to next meeting.
    9. Group will read over what’s already been done on the topics and then divide into subgroups. Lindsey will coordinate over email with how people want to break into subgroups on each topic. Goal would be to have subgroups meet or at least touch base before next meeting.
  7. Other topics/questions
    1. July 19th Program Evaluation
      • Nitpick was that the showcase went from 0 to 100 (easy to very difficult) very quickly.
      • Mostly positive feedback
      • People like to see what others are up to at their libraries