I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: March 22, 2013

Members Present: Paul Go, Kirk Hess, Jan Waterhouse, Jamie Bourne, Karl Pettitt, Paige Weston, Kelly Fisher and Jacob Jeremiah


IUG Report:

[The OPAC Team met with the IUG in the morning.]

CARLI Report:

  • Susan's mention of Drupal priority over VuFind 2 in IUG meeting
    • 2 developers are CARLI in-house
  • Paige has been working on new CARLI site, soft launch last Tuesday
    • Minutes for teams will be archived on another site, one prior FY and current FY-to-date on new site
  • Updated last 5 years limit in VF
  • Javascript code fix for text a call number installed, fix came from a member library (UIU), representing a change in how changes can be implemented
  • z39.50: setting use attribues appropriately has been studied, not found to be done consistently; getting fixed to do searches correctly; new attribute for OCLC found, databases will define from both keyword and left-anchored indexes, revised documentation will be announced; heavy users will need to talk to CARLI to switch over to higher-numbered port; some discovery layers leading to heavy traffic; search and retrieval may become more reliable; ILLiad users may be notified by pub serv group and liaisons; goal is not to increase z39.50 traffic but to make sustainable to all users


  • Discussion of new CARLI website, improved searchability
  • Discussion of vufind/XC wish lists;
  • Discussing creation of sandbox developer environment for VF 2; benefits of open source (community of active developers), curating a community of development could change nature of CARLI
    • what does it mean to have a sandbox? Where do the developers work, do they have a group? Will new committee get input from libraries in consortium? Should CARLI commit to either XC or VF 2 before soliciting community input?
  • CARLI will present Universal catalog in only one interface; data exposed via MST could be searchable through multiple interfaces
  • discussion of Easy Search, federated search homegrown at UIU
  • OPAC team gap analysis of VuFind 2 will go forward; what have we added to VF that we don't want to lose, what do we not have that we want to get; what VF now does is our functional spec and not part of gap; create 2 functional lists and highlight things that aren't in both, do we need to have those things in VF2?; "list us (CARLI)" and "list them"; may install VF2 demo and point to 2 or 3 databases, not sure when we can make that happen; need list of functionality of current VF instance that we can check against other versions; Google Doc spreadsheet to be created for use of gap analysis;
  • Discovery system forum begins next week; no vendors involved; purpose to inspire collaboration among libraries to inform decisions
  • new business: Need for RDA tutorial? Webinar is available from cataloging team
  • bookplate examples: 3 strategies identified for catalogers
    • discussion of bookplates; examples shown; team will recommend that text/link rather than images be used