I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: November 14, 2012

Members Present: Paige Weston, Jamie Bourne, Kelly Fisher (minutes taker), Paul Go, Kirk Hess, James Lefager, Rong Li, Karl Pettit

Members Absent: Jacob Jeremiah, Jan Waterhouse, TJ Lusher


IUG Report:
The IUG report was sent in an email on Nov. 11. IUG has asked the IOPAC team to send any comments on the new I-SHARE System Committee charge either through our liaison TJ or to IUG chair Ted Schwitzner by Friday, Nov. 16. Paige shared the most recent version of the charge with the committee via email and the matter was discussed. It was decided that the feedback the group would give is that the charge of the new committee is very broad, which raises concern that issues now considered by the OPAC Team might get lost, and that the group would like clarification regarding the process of transitioning from a continuing appointment on a soon to be defunct committee to a new committee.

CARLI Report:

  • The I-CAT team has asked Paige to participate in a webinar called “RDA for Everyone” scheduled for November 27, 2012. Three topics she can share are the recent addition of the 264 field now displaying in VuFind, the indexing of the 338b field and the issue regarding unnumbered series that she emailed the group about recently. She would like to know if the group has any further suggestions regarding what she should cover, specifically questions she could address or examples she could share.
  • UIS has made the decision to phase out the SFX link resolver and replace it with an OCLC product. CARLI has created a temporary solution in order for their new product to display in the online catalog, but it requires both products to run parallel to each other, which is not ideal. CARLI doesn’t have a good method of determining when to display the link button for all systems yet. CARLI does not have anyone working on this issue yet, although it is on the VuFind change request list.
  • A link on the My Account request page has been added that provides help text defining what the various request statuses mean.
  • Paige has disabled/hidden the author sort in VuFind, as it was broken.
  • There has been negotiating among the CARLI staff about how to support the customization of the VuFind catalogs for the four new CARLI libraries (Morton College, Richland C.C., Southeastern Illinois College, and Southwestern Illinois College) before their “live” date. All four will make VuFind their primary OPAC.
  • CARLI is working on a new website, which can be viewed at www-devel.carli.illinois.edu. Feedback would be extremely useful, as we are the audience that will be using the end product.
  • Paige is working on cleaning up VuFind usage statistics that are available on the CARLI website, as duplicates of text and zip files have been discovered.


WebVoyage and VuFind Differences page:
The WebVoyage and VuFind differences page found at http://www.carli.illinois.edu/mem-prod/I-Share/opac/vufind-faq/vufind-faq-choose.html was discussed. It needs to be updated, as there is nothing about Hathi Trust mentioned. Paige also wondered if we’d like to revise the entire document, including an alternate format style, and thinks we may want to promote it to the libraries once we have done so. It was decided that Paige will create a Google Docs version to share with the group so we may collaboratively work on its revision. Karl suggested using a columns and check box format to make the differences more visually evident.

Discovery Layer Ask Letter:
Paul had sent the most recent version of the letter to the group earlier this week. He asked if the list of people from each institution were the correct ones to contact. Paige thought the proper method would be to contact each library’s I-SHARE Liaison first. Paul will send the letter out by the end of the week.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 A.M.