I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: October 10, 2012

Meeting began at 10:02 a.m.

Present: Karl, TJ, Kelly, Jan, Jake, Kirk, Paul, Paige, James
Absent: Rong, Jamie, Jacob


IUG Updates

  • CARLI board of directors did approve the proposed revised committees, which will become effective July 1st
  • Conference will be held with regard to liaisons and their duties

Paige’s Report

  • Libraries reporting sporadic VuFind performance problems
    • Request for immediate information when problems occur
  • Issues with style sheet delivery


Mobile Icon Update/Discussion
•    General agreement that the Andriod icons with the I-Share logo were preferred
•    Also the icons without text were preferred to those with text
•    Preference given to the white phones over the black phones
•    Paige will work on the customization form to allow libraries to  incorporate the icons onto their sites

Discovery Layer Forum – Ask Letter

  • Agreement to proceed with the draft that Paul sent out on September 27, 2012
  • Question raised as to whether we should include the statement that CARLI is not going to purchase a discovery layer
    • Agreed that this statement may not be needed

Discovery Layer Forum – Questions and Contacts

  • Contact list is set
  • Suggestion to add one more school to each product
    • Point brought up that there aren’t enough schools for each product to do this
  • Question raised as to what we do if we can’t get a participant for a particular product
    • Agreed that we won’t be able to hear about the product if no volunteers agree to talk about the implementation or use of it
  • Paul will send a revised draft to the group, and once he receives the ok he will send it to the people who have been designated at those institutions we wish to contact
  • Group agreed to go with questions that were presented at the previous meeting
    • Use the questions as a specific outline to facilitate comparison between products

Other business

Items from the Floor

  • Question of whether this group will be given a draft charge by the board, to review and comment on
    • Paige sent one to us on September 24, 2012
    • Paige related that the IUG wondered if something related to discovery layers should be included in the charge
    • Question was raised as to whether those who have not served their full term would be transferred to a new committee
  • Paige answered that it hasn’t been set yet but that it could be possible to transfer to another committee
    • IUG felt that there needs to be a tangible outcome to the charges
    • IUG questioned how collaboration would occur between committees without an IUG group and liaisons
    • Revised draft of charge will be forwarded to group when finished

Meeting ended at : 10:40 a.m.
Respectfully submitted by Karl Pettitt