I-Share OPAC Team Meeting: September 12, 2012

Attendance: Paul Go, Jim LeFager, Kirk Hess, Jan Waterhouse, Jamie Bourne, Karl Pettitt, Paige Weston, Rong Li, TJ Lusher

Absent: Kelly Fisher and Jacob Jeremiah were unable to attend the meeting.  


Paige’s Report: Paige followed up on Kirk Hess’ offer for VuFind development.  CARLI will create a “memorandum of understanding” to outline the work arrangements.  A test environment will need to be created for his work and Kirk will be able to work on the facet enhancement requests once that is ready.  

Paige reported that work has begun to add four new I-Share libraries.  The four are:  
Morton College
Richland Community College
Southeastern Illinois College
Southwestern Illinois College


  • OPAC-related work for new I-Share libraries:  Creating Webvoyage instances, and then following that work, Vufind instances will need to be created.
  • New VuFind enhancement suggestion:  Enhance the feedback so that it will capture the current URL to assist the user.  
  • 12 I-Share libraries have opted in to the search the Resource Database at the same time as their local database.
  • The ELUNA conference for 2013 will be in Athens Georgia from April 30 - May 3.  

Status of VuFind issues/bugs
There has been no work done for the current VuFind issues/bugs that were identified as priorities in the last meeting other than the creation of access for Kirk Hess.

Jim LeFager confirmed he is working on the mobile icon for VuFind due in October.

HathiTrust Webinar post mortem
-The second recording, recording of the August 13 presentation,  from the I-Share Users' Group OPAC Team on VuFind, HathiTrust, and Public Domain e-Resources is now available.
There was not much discussion following the webinar.  

Discussion of Questions and target institutions for the Discovery Layer Forum

  • This work will need to be done sooner rather than later
  • WorldCat Local will be first, followed by EBSCO and Summon and then Primo as the last Discovery Layer to be discussed.  
  • Questions developed:  
    • How is this affecting users on and off campus
    • What was done to resolve issues
    • Opted for Local or Hosted solution and why
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages
    • How was the discovery layer branded, what were your options, and what was the reasoning/drive behind your decision
    • Length of implementation
    • How is I-Share included in the Discovery Layer?  What are the request options, how are I-Share items presented
  • Next Steps
    • Try for two weeks in between sessions
    • Scheduling sessions for February/March
    • Identify possible presenters
      • WorldCat Local. DPU, UIS (Jan Waterhouse), WHE (Karl Pettitt)
      • EBSCO Discovery. COL (Kerri Willette?), SIC (contact?)
      • Summon. IMS (Paula Garrett?), UIC (Francis Kayiwa?)
      • Primo. NIU (TJ Lusher), UIU (Jenny Emanuel?)

Paul will create an Ask Letter to pass on to library contact people to gather presenters

Other Topics

IUG Highlights Updated from TJ Lusher:  

  • Waiting on a patch for the extended OCLC number
  • PDA (Patron Drive Acquisitions Project):  The PDA Consortial effort that began in February of 2012 has spent $20,000 of the $70,000 allotted for the project: http://www.carli.illinois.edu/patrondrivenacquisitions.html
  • An update to Voyager current version will be coming in Summer of 2013