I-Share OPAC Meeting: August 8, 2012


Report/Updates from Susan Singleton

Updates on revising committee structure, as requested by the board.  Proposed changes:

  • Flatten committee/group hierarchy so every group reports directly to the board
  • Facilitate cross-group cooperation
  • All CARLI Libraries eligible to serve on committees (non-IShare libraries)
  • Encourage Board members to attend meetings/serve in groups
  • Facilitate forming/disbanding of project-oriented groups (short-term, as needed - example project:  White Papers)
  • Revise group charges

XC project update:

  • Status of production of Drupal interface

New CARLI website coming

  • Google analytics results for existing CARLI website


Status of VuFind interface bugs

Mobile interface issues

  • Create mobile interface promotion for VuFind (no automatic link yet)?  Agreed to have Libraries opt in for display of promotion icon/message.
  • Jim @ DePaul volunteers to create icon ; due in October

Selection of VuFind issues from the list

  • Issue 62 status changed from unevaluated to high-priority
  • Issue 9 and 12 discussed
  • Issue 54:  Propose to CARLI staff that since RDA will require rebuilding of indexes, can we do that in a way that will address this issue as well, and give us experience transferable to XC project.
  • Issue 46:  Kirk will handle, as well as Issue 1 / status of 46 changed to "high"
  • Discussion of Issue 51 priority status tabled until next meeting

Discovery Layer Forum:

Need list of questions and of target schools to do presentations on each discovery layer - have these ready by next meeting for discussion

Finalize details of HathiTrust Webinar