I-Share Instruction Team Meeting: January 18, 2013

Members in Attendance:  Susan Avery , Molly Beestrum, Kirstin Duffin, Lorna Engels (CARLI staff), Julie Murphy, Chris Sweet, Aimee Walker (IUG Liaison), Elizabeth Nicholson, Frances Whaley, Merna Youngblood


Minutes: Minutes from November 16 meeting were approved. Lorna will make some minor corrections. 

CARLI Report: Lorna reported on the following CARLI activities:

  • The 4 new libraries have been added to universal borrowing, bringing total up to 80 libraries participating.  
  • CARLI will be soliciting applications for I-Share participation again this year. 
  • Alexander Street Press streaming videos now fully subsidized for 6 databases for all participating libraries.  

IUG Report: Aimee Walker reported on the following activities:

  • OPAC team Webvoyage and VuFind comparison sheet
  • OPAC team Discovery tool presentations
  • OPAC team Hathitrust will float above the Google Book titles 
  • Resource Sharing, web conferences
  • IUG planning liaison forum March 26 at Elmhurst, responsibility for liaisons under new structure and interest survey. 

Old Business

  • Unconference
    • Finalize schedule for the day
      • 9:00-9:30am Coffee/Pastries
      • 9:30-10:00am Opening remarks/Orientation
      • 10am-12pm Initial Track Meetings 
      • 12-12:45 pm Lunch
      • 12:45-2:30pm 2nd (different) Track Meetings 
      • 2:30-3:30pm Wrap-up Debriefing
    • Session Facilitators (we have 5 rooms max), some topics may need to be sub-divided based on interest.  Team members volunteered to facilitate sessions as follows.  Additional topics may be added, or topic may be combined based on participant interest.  
      • Re-thinking the research paper (Chris)
      • Working with teaching faculty to move past teaching tools to teaching research concepts (Molly, Julie)
      • Is the one-shot instruction session worth saving? (Myrna, Susan)
      • Strategies for sequencing library instruction within a major (Elizabeth)
      • Survey suggestion tied to all the above: How can we partner with faculty to transform library-centric instruction into a seamless development of information literacy within the classroom? (Frances)
      • Survey suggestion: Quick and easy assessment of IL instruction - involving both students and faculty. (Kirstin)
    • Miscellany: The team member(s) facilitating or moderating will use the lunch time for some informal reporting back on morning sessions.    
      • Participants will be asked to share one take-away from the unconference in the evaluation, and if time allows, this can be shared at the end of the wrap-up as well.  
      • At the time of the conference call, 59 people were registered to attend, with several non-librarian faculty planning to attend as well.  
      • Parking information will be sent out along with registration reminders. 
      • Facilitator notes will be added to the wiki after the unconference, as well as the “one take-away” comments.  
      • Preparation for facilitators may include preparing some seed questions or examples to start the discussion.  
  • Instruction Team charge changes were approved by the board.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/12MQ17EZg2BpcEy7QBc6UeaCgasUPNwMCqrgiFu2xO8g/edit
  • The instruction team has not received a response from the Public Services Working Group regarding further planning for a joint forum.  Julie will forward the most recent communication to the team, and another attempt at contact will be made.  

New Business

  • Due to CARLI team restructuring a new team member  to replace Nicole won’t be added until the July selection cycle.  
  • For the January blog Julie will recap the unconference  and link to the wiki resources.   
  • Meeting adjourned at 2:15pm. 

Respectfully submitted,
Molly Beestrum    
Columbia College Chicago