I-Share Instruction Team Meeting: July 31, 2012

Members in Attendance: Susan Avery, Molly Beestrum, Kirstin Duffin, Lorna Engels (CARLI staff), Julie Murphy, Elizabeth Nicholson, Chris Sweet, Frances Whaley, Merna Youngblood

Excused Members: Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Aimee Walker (IUG Liaison)


  • Minutes: June meeting minutes were approved
  • Introductions were given from each team member and new members were welcomed.
  • Susan Singleton from the CARLI office spoke to the team about plans from the CARLI board for structural reorganization of the various working groups and committees. All groups will be considered committees and plans for each committee to have intersectional work with other committees. The CARLI website will have a new look beginning is September or October. Questions about e-books revealed CARLI is working on an RFI for consortial e-book purchasing
  • CARLI Report: Lorna introduced the CARLI website and showed various links in regard to location and ease of finding information. System status and calendar information are more readily available from the home page. Other areas highlighted include: Newsletter archives, board and committee link, and the document and training link. CARLI has been having issues with the new phone system, expect issues with conference calls.
  • There was no IUG report

Old Business

  • There was discussion on the usefulness of continuing with the Instruction Team Wiki. Lorna will check to see if the format can be updated to ease edits and additions. The committee decided to keep the wiki as a location for links to past forums and to promote future events and materials for conferences.
  • Instruction Team members agreed to continue contributing to the CARLI blog. A schedule was developed for members to post information regarding a forum, event or hot topic in the area of library instruction. See schedule below.
  • Due to the reorganization of working groups and committees, the Instruction Team members brainstormed terms and proposals for possible wording of the charge. Chris will draft a charge for the team to review at its next meeting and the final draft will then be given to the CARLI board.

New Business

  • Everyone was in agreement to do the unconference again in January.
  • The team discussed possible forum ideas for the upcoming year. Someone from the Public Services group will be asked about possibly working together on a forum in June or July. A possible broad topic would be library spaces. Richard Kong was mentioned as a possible speaker on the subject. Ideas include physical and online spaces with the hope of including faculty and students in the discussion. Other ideas include; lightning rounds on distance learning, tutorials, roving librarians, chat/online reference, stacks, study spaces, media commons and technology (tablets, etc.).
  • To make better use of team members’ time it was discussed and adopted to meet every other month rather than monthly. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed prior to forums. The meetings are scheduled for 1:30–3:00 on the following dates: September 21, November 16, January 18, March 15, and April 19.
  • Blog Posting Schedule:
    • September: Molly
    • October: Chris
    • November: Susan
    • January: Julie
    • February: Elizabeth
    • March: Kirstin
    • April: Frances
    • May: Merna
    • June: Nicole
  • Minute Schedule
    • September 21: Susan
    • November 16: Molly
    • January 18: Kirstin
    • March 15: Elizabeth
    • April 19: Nicole