I-Share Instruction Team Meeting: May 11, 2012

Members attending: Susan Avery, Kirstin Duffin, Elizabeth Nicholson, Ken Orenic, Marisa Walstrum

Excused members: Julie Murphy, Chris Sweet, Merna Youngblood, IUG Liaison Nancy Laverdiere, CARLI staff member Lorna Engels


  • Minutes from the April 17, 2012 meeting were approved.

CARLI report (Lorna Engels via email)

  • Most CARLI staff attended the ELUNA ExLibris Users of North America) conference.

IUG report (Nancy Laverdiere via email)

  • Site visits are being conducted at the 4 new CARLI member institutions and it is planned that they will convert to Voyager this winter:
    • Morton College
    • Richland Community College
    • Southeastern Illinois College
    • Southwestern Illinois College
  • The WRO system is now on a new server. "Modest" changes to the system have been necessary (a new URL and login procedures), with information being distributed to liaisons as to these changes.
  • Hathi Trust records are now available via the union catalog.
  • There is no news to report on the consortial e-book purchase project.
  • There will be no Voyager update this year. Summer of 2013 would be the earliest possible time for an upgrade to version 8.*.
  • The IUG Team Webinar on April 13th was very-well attended, with 95 people registered and with 67 site connections. This format is being considered for use again next year. Topics covered this year were:
    • IUG and I-Share Team Activities
    • I-Share/Voyager and ExLibris website information
    • I-Share Systems and Future Options
  • Media Loans statistics compiled by Cathy Salika "showed no appreciable difference in loss of print materials vs media materials. There are also two new reports on loan policy differences and inconsistencies being added to the annual stats package.
  • IUG member consensus is that discovery system selection, implementation and related issues should continue to be investigated during the next year's cycle.
  • May 18th will be the IUG Team meeting with team chairs where chairs will present their annual reports.

Old business

Spring Forum

  • How many participants are currently registered?  Follow up with Lorna.
  • Presenters’ handouts will need to be submitted to Lorna by June 1, 2012.
  • Blog post recapping the Spring Forum.
    • Susan and Chris will provide a brief recap of their respective presentations
    • Ken will send out to Team members a call for volunteers to provide a recap of Yi Han and Sharon Chubbuck’s presentations

New business

I-Share Team Annual Report:

  • A discussion took place regarding adding to the Annual Report the question raised by the Team regarding the Team’s official charge.  It was decided to include the question in the Annual Report.  

Action Items:

  • Lorna:  Inform team the current number of participants registered for the Spring Forum and when the reminder will be sent.
  • Lorna:  Determine if an announcement for our Forum can be posted to the front page of the CARLI website.
  • Merna:  Write blog post for June – brief description and recap of Spring Forum and post a link to the wiki where Forum materials will be hosted.
  • Julie:  Create a wiki page to host handouts/Powerpoints from the Spring Forum.  
  • Julie:  Amend Annual Report to reflect the Team’s question regarding its charge.
  • Ken:  Send out to Team members a request for volunteers to provide a recap of Yi Han and Sharon Chubbuck’s presentations.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:29 a.m.

Next meeting: To be determined

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Orenic
Dominican University