I-Share Instruction Team Meeting: July 28, 2011

CARLI Office

Members Attending:  Susan Avery, Kirstin Duffin, Julie Murphy, Ariel Neff, Ken Orenic, Chris Sweet,  Marisa Walstrum

Members Excused: Elizabeth Nicholson, Merna Youngblood

IUG Liaison: Nancy Laverdiere

CARLI Staff Attending:  Lorna Engels

Decisions & Minutes:

  • Establish minute taker:  It was determined minute taking responsibilities will rotate alphabetically among members of the team.
  • Approve minutes: Minutes from the May 10, 2011 meeting were approved.
  • Team member introductions: Those attending introduced themselves, sharing their positions and institutions.


CARLI Report- Susan Singleton

  • Susan shared information about the development of the Extensible Catalog (XC) which will provide greater ease and ability for local customization.  It is expected this will eventually replace VUFind.  UIUC records have been uploaded to the demo version.  
  • Information on patron driven acquisition was shared.  Available titles will be in the humanities and social science, English language, with imprints 2010+.  It is expected to have a mid-September load date.
  • Collection overlap is being discussed, looking at a recommendation of five copies.
  • CARLI is working on the consortial purchase of e-books.
  • CARLI has joined the Five College Library Depository.  This largely provides access to titles in the sciences.  See CARLI News for the announcement.

IUG Report:  Lorna shared the following information, with much of the IUG content previously reported by Susan.

  • TomCat Voyager is no longer available
  • Location facets have been added to VUFind
  • New borrowing status changes went into effect on July 1
  • By January 1 blocking policies will be in place
  • New team liaisons were selected

Old Business

Wiki, twitter #, blog posting discussion

  • The existing instruction wiki was examined and discussed.  There is a great deal of dated information on the page.  It was determined that we all need to take a closer look at this to help us determine if we wish to continue the wiki and, if so, what aspects of it would remain or change.  It was suggested that the categories for Pathfinders and Subject Guides be removed.  The wiki’s future will be discussed and determined at the next meeting.
  • The Twitter hashtag used a forums and training was shared.  No information about specific Twitter posts was examined.  #iliCARLI
  • The team will take turns posting on the blog.  Responsibility will rotate for monthly posts, beginning with the back of the alphabet.  CARLI will send all team members log-in information for accessing the blog.  Lorna will see if a category for Instruction can be added to the CARLI Blog.
  • Lorna will add all team members to Google Docs to allow collaboration.

Review of June forum evaluations

  • Survey results for the forum were reviewed
  • Establishment of procedures for communication with presenters and attendees was discussed

New Business

Discussion of plans for coming year

  • Suggestions from the survey were used as the basis of discussing possible topics for a fall workshop and spring forum.  These include:
    • Learning outcomes
    • Assessment
    • An “Unconference”
    • How to work with diverse/multicultural populations
  • Potential speaker names and ideas were discussed, these could someone in education and not just presenters from within the library.  Depending on the keynote speaker, we will need to investigate options for CARLI funding for support.  
  • The issue of whether or not to have a fall workshop was discussed.  No decisions were made.

Establish meeting time for the coming year 

  • Julie and Ken will create a Doodle poll to determine the best time to meet.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m.