Open Educational Resources Committee

Chair: Susan Shultz
Chair: Janet Swatscheno
Board Liaison: Karen Janke, Erikson Institute
Board Liaison: Jacob Jeremiah, Oakton Community College
CARLI Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Clarage
CARLI Staff Liaison: Nicole Swanson

Name Term Institution
Annette Alvarado2020-2021Loyola University Chicago
Anne Chernaik2020-2021College of Lake County
Daniel Matthews2020-2021Moraine Valley Community College
Elizabeth Nelson2020-2021McHenry County College
Michelle Oh2020-2021Northeastern Illinois University
Anne Shelley2020-2021Illinois State University
Susan Shultz2020-2021DePaul University
Janet Swatscheno2020-2021University of Illinois at Chicago
Chris Sweet2020-2021Illinois Wesleyan University

Body to which the group reports: Board of Directors

The Open Educational Resources Committee will support CARLI’s commitment to the “Open Illinois Initiative,” with participation in national organizations and use of consortial OER products and services. The Committee will promote the cooperation and collaboration of open educational resources (OER) adoption, adaptation, creation, and peer review, and identify and develop materials about OER for libraries’ use with their institutions. This commitment includes the planning and delivery of statewide training about OER, and the development of web resources related to Open Educational Resources.

The committee may be assigned projects by the Board of Directors or may independently develop projects and initiatives within the scope of its charge or in collaboration with other ad hoc groups. The OER Committee acknowledges historical, structural, and systemic injustice, values the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI), and will ensure that CARLI’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is embedded in their work. The committee will identify educational and training needs within its scope of responsibility and its collaboration with other committees, and will develop workshops, seminars, webinars, or other education opportunities to meet the needs of the membership. The committee will prepare appropriate documentation and reports and will submit an annual report of its activities and accomplishments to the Board of Directors.