Open Educational Resources Task Force

Past Chair: Kathy Ladell
Past Chair: Anne Shelley
CARLI Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Clarage
CARLI Staff Liaison: Lorna Engels

Body to which the group reports: Governance Board

The Open Educational Resources Task Force will support CARLI’s commitment to the “Open Illinois Initiative,” namely participation in the Open Textbook Network (OTN), cooperation and collaboration on open educational resources (OERs), and identification and development of materials about OERs for libraries’ use with their institutions. This commitment includes the planning and delivery of statewide training about OERs, and the development of web resources related to Open Educational Resources.

The membership of the OER Task Force may include System Leaders (attendees of the Open Textbook Network Summer Institute), staff from CARLI Members that have an Institutional OTN Membership, and staff from CARLI members already using OERs.