I-Share Systems Committee

CARLI Staff Liaison: Kristine Hammerstrand
CARLI Staff Liaison: Paige Weston

Body to which the group reports: Governance Board

The CARLI I-Share Systems Committee advises the CARLI staff and members on all matters related to the effective and efficient integration, operation and enhancement of library management system components needed by participating institutions to manage and provide access to their resources. The committee will gather and apply broad expertise with systems to all components of the currently supported and managed Ex Libris Voyager platform, including the default discovery interface supplied by CARLI for that platform, as well as closely-linked support applications that extend Voyager functionality.  The committee will identify library management system trends and evaluate both commercial and open-source technologies, as they emerge and evolve, which may include but not be limited to issues such as authentication, discovery, linked data, and interoperability with campus enterprise systems. The I-Share Systems Committee will foster support for systems liaisons and technical staff at member libraries, and it will collaborate with other CARLI committees and ad hoc groups to discuss issues of common interest and to facilitate joint program planning.

The committee may be assigned projects by the Board of Directors, or may independently develop projects and initiatives within the scope of its charge or in collaboration with other ad hoc groups. The committee will identify educational and training needs within its scope of responsibility and its collaboration with other committees, and will develop workshops, seminars, webinars, or other education opportunities to meet the needs of the membership. The committee will prepare appropriate documentation and reports, and will submit an annual report of its activities and accomplishments to Board of Directors.