Commercial Products Committee

Chair: Lesley Wolfgang
CARLI Staff Liaison: Cindy Clennon
CARLI Staff Liaison: Jennifer Taylor

Name Term Institution
Xiaotian Chen2016-2019Bradley University
Edith List2017-2020Principia College
Jeffrey Matlak2018-2021Western Illinois University
Will Midgley2018-2021DePaul University
Jim Millhorn2016-2019Northern Illinois University
Thane Montaner2018-2021Prairie State College
Kavita Mundle2017-2020University of Illinois at Chicago
Amanda Wiesenhofer2017-2020Lincoln Land Community College
Lesley Wolfgang2016-2019Saint John's College of Nursing

Body to which the group reports: Board of Directors

The CARLI Commercial Products Committee works with the CARLI staff and members to encourage cooperation and collaboration in identifying, evaluating and recommending the purchase and/or brokering of electronic information resources. The committee will identify and promulgate efficient and cost effective best practices, licensing and negotiating principles. The committee will advise on maximizing the consortium’s economies of scale and leverage in negotiations with commercial creators and third party providers of content.

The committee may be assigned projects by the Board of Directors, or may independently develop projects and initiatives within the scope of its charge or in collaboration with other ad hoc groups. The committee will identify educational and training needs within its scope of responsibility and its collaboration with other CARLI committees and ad hoc groups, and will develop workshops, seminars, webinars, or other education opportunities to meet the needs of the membership. The committee will facilitate the development and use of statistical measures to inform decision making at both the institutional and consortial levels. The committee will prepare appropriate documentation and reports, and will submit an annual report of its activities and accomplishments to Board of Directors.