Strengthening CARLI Structure and Governance Task Force

CARLI Staff Liaison: Tom Dorst
CARLI Staff Liaison: Connie Walsh

Body to which the group reports: Governance Board

Scope of work:
The Task Force will review the current categories of membership and make recommendations on reducing the number from three (3) to two (2). The Task Force will review the composition of and eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors and make recommendations on limiting Board service to library chief operating officers and reconfiguring the representation of the Board. Based on advice of University Counsel, the Task Force will make recommendations on the membership of libraries serving for-profit educational institutions. The Task Force will submit proposed amendments to the CARLI Bylaws to implement all of its recommendations.

Member appointment and terms:
The Task Force is intended to be temporary and all members shall be expected to serve until the charge is fulfilled. The group shall include representation from the CARLI Board and from the membership at large.

July 22 or 24, 2009 (suggested) – Task Force meets
September, 2009 – Preliminary report to the Board
September–December, 2009 – Preparation of amended Bylaws and justification
January, 2010 – Board acts on final recommendations
January, 2010 – Submit Bylaws changes to the membership
July 1, 2010 – Approved Bylaws revisions take effect