Executive Committee

Chair: Sharon Silverman
Chair-Elect: Matt Ostercamp

Name Institution
Anne CraigCARLI
Matt OstercampNorth Park University
Sharon SilvermanCity Colleges of Chicago

Body to which the group reports: Board of Directors

Scope of work:
The officers of the CARLI Board of Directors shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Committee is advisory to the Chair and to the Board of Directors on scheduling agenda topics and preparing information for the Board of Directors’ review and action. The Committee is authorized to act on behalf of the Board of Directors on any urgent matter requiring Board approval, unless a regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled to take place within 48 hours.

Member appointment and terms:
The CARLI Board elects its own Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect each year to join the current Chair, Past Chair, and CARLI Senior Director in forming the Executive Committee

Expected reporting frequency:
As needed to update the Board on their plans and actions.

Not applicable

Staff or Board liaisons:
CARLI Senior Director

Tasks required on completion of work:
Not applicable