I-Share Cataloging and Authority Control Team

IUG Liaison: Edith List, Principia College
CARLI Staff Liaison: Cathy Salika

Body to which the group reports: I-Share Users' Group (IUG)

This committee was discharged June 30, 2013.

Scope of Work:

  • The I-Share Cataloging and Authority Control Team advises the I-Share Users' Group (IUG) and the CARLI staff on issues related to the shared integrated library system and related systems and consortial policies, practices and future directions as outlined in the Team charge
  • Share expertise and communicate issues and concerns, such as workflow options, troubleshooting, and best practices in the area of cataloging and authority control.
  • Monitor and make recommendations regarding developments and emerging trends in cataloging as they relate to the I-Share environment.
  • Takes the lead in coordinating metadata creation and maintenance as appropriate across CARLI-provided products and services.
  • Collaborate with other CARLI groups to maximize resource and knowledge sharing within the consortium.
  • Review and revise if necessary the consortial cataloging standards in relationship to the I-Share environment.
  • Support authority control work in a distributed environment.
  • Develop consortial documentation, resources, training and other continuing education opportunities to assist the membership in the use of the ILS product (hereafter referred to as "the product").
  • Document best practices for use of the cataloging component of the product in and among member libraries and best practices for its interoperability with other consortially- licensed products.
  • Identify and document problems and issues with the product.
  • Assist CARLI staff with testing, documentation and training issues involved with product upgrades, as needed.
  • Suggest database clean-up and other projects to improve overall bibliographic quality in the I-Share catalogs.
  • Plan and provide continuing education opportunities related to cataloging and authority control in the distributed I-Share environment.
  • Ensure that users of the product have communication mechanisms for sharing information related to the use of the product and a means to share locally developed materials such as documentation, best practices, reports, etc.
  • Determine libraries' needs for assistance with local work, and recommend mechanisms by which this support may be provided.

Member appointment and terms:
Members are appointed for 3-year terms beginning on July 1. A rotation system has been established for the expiring terms whereby approximately one third of the committee membership is appointed each year.

Expected reporting frequency:
The team chair will submit a written report of team's activities to the chair of IUG at the end of the fiscal year. Additional updates on activities may be requested by IUG throughout the year.

Staff or Board liaisons:
One CARLI Office staff representative will serve as the liaison. IUG will appoint a liaison to the team. The IUG Liaison to the team will report on team plans and activities at the IUG meetings. The Liaison will report back to the team on plans and activities discussed at IUG.

Tasks required on completion of work:
The chair will forward all documents to IUG for review and approval.