Board of Directors

Chair: Taran Ley
Chair-Elect: Rebecca Donald
Past Chair: Tammy Kuhn-Schnell

Name Constituency Term Institution
Fred BarnhartPublic Universities2020-2021Northern Illinois University
Spencer BraytonCommunity Colleges2019-2022Waubonsee Community College
Anne CraigEx OfficioCARLI
Rebecca DonaldPrivate Institutions2018-2021Trinity International University
Karen JankePrivate Institutions2019-2022Erikson Institute
Jacob JeremiahCommunity Colleges2020-2023Oakton Community College
Tammy Kuhn-SchnellEx OfficioLincoln Land Community College
Taran LeyPublic Universities2020-2023Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Greg McCormickEx OfficioIllinois State Library
Rob MorrisonPrivate Institutions2020-2021National Louis University
Matt OstercampPrivate Institutions2020-2023North Park University
Pattie PiotrowskiPublic Universities2019-2022University of Illinois at Springfield
John PollitzPublic Universities2018-2021Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Sharon SilvermanCommunity Colleges2020-2021City Colleges of Chicago
Frances WhaleyCommunity Colleges2018-2021Kishwaukee College

Meet the Board of Directors

Scope of work:
The Board of Directors provides oversight and consultation on all aspects of CARLI’s services, programs, and development, except for those activities reserved for the member institutions. The Board of Directors sets strategic direction, reviews and approves the detail and the total of the organizational budget each year, advises and gives recommendation on the hiring and evaluation of the CARLI Senior Director, and provides advice and input to the University of Illinois in matters relating to the Consortium.

Member election/appointment and terms:

The Board of Directors consists of twelve voting members:

  • Elected members: Nine voting members are elected by the Governing member institutions: three from public universities; three from private colleges, universities, and research libraries; and three from public community colleges. Members are elected for a 3-year term. A voting member must be the director of a Governing member’s library.
  • Appointed members: Three voting members are appointed annually by the elected members of the Board of Directors: one from public universities; one from private colleges, universities, and research libraries; and one from public community colleges. Members are appointed for a one-year term.

Ex officio members of the Board of Directors include the CARLI Senior Director and a representative from the Illinois State Library. Neither of these ex officio members will have voting privileges.

Expected reporting frequency:

The Board of Directors will meet quarterly during each fiscal year (July 1–June 30). The agenda for the meeting will be posted to the CARLI web site in advance and minutes of each meeting will be posted to the CARLI web site no later than 30 days after each meeting.

The Board of Directors will arrange and preside at an annual meeting, open to staff of all member libraries and at an annual assembly of the directors of all member libraries or their designees.