CARLI Board Minutes, March 10, 2023

CARLI Office at Illinois Heartland Library System and Via Zoom

Attendance: Jo Cates (Columbia College Chicago), Anne Craig (CARLI), Stephanie Davis-Kahl (Illinois Wesleyan University), Jacob Jeremiah (Oakton College), Dallas Long (Illinois State University), Greg McCormick (Illinois State Library), Pattie Piotrowski (University of Illinois Springfield), Shannon Pohrte (Elgin Community College), Sharon Silverman (City Colleges of Chicago), Anne Thomason (Knox College), Dennis Krieb (Lewis and Clark Community College) and John Pollitz (Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Absent: Matt Ostercamp (North Park University)

Guests: Sarah Zehr Gantz (University of Illinois System)

Staff Attending: Margaret Chambers, Diane Day, Elizabeth Clarage, Jessica Gibson, Michele Leigh, Nicole Swanson, Jenny Taylor, and Megan Pearson


  • Minutes of the December 9, 2022 Board meeting were approved prior to the meeting.
  • The Board approved the timeline for the 2023 Governance Board election. Current Board members Dallas Long (Illinois State University), Stephanie Davis-Kahl (Illinois Wesleyan University), and Shannon Pohrte (Elgin Community College) will serve on the Nominating Committee, with CARLI staff coordinating the process.
  • The Board approved a proposal from the Collections Management Committee for the creation of an Archives Task Force, with a one-year term starting July 1, 2023.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 1:13 p.m.


  • CARLI staff is in permanent remote status. CARLI has a shared workspace in the Illinois Heartland Library System building at 1704 Interstate Drive, Champaign, for staff collaboration and access to a conference room to host in-person meetings.
  • The Board welcomed new CARLI Staff, Megan Pearson, Visiting Library Services Coordinator, Illinois Digital Heritage Hub.
  • CARLI will welcome 8 new libraries to I-Share. In June 2023 migration will be complete for new I-Share members Illinois College of Optometry and Saint John’s College of Nursing, and the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law (formerly John Marshall Law School) collection will be fully integrated into the University of Illinois Chicago’s collection. Migrations are scheduled for completion in June 2024 for Chicago Theological Seminary, City Colleges of Chicago, College of Lake County, Elgin Community College, and Prairie State College. Migration for the Chicago History Museum is scheduled for completion in June 2026.
  • CARLI will be hiring two 50% time graduate assistants to assist in the FY24 Alma migrations. They will begin work in August 2023.
  • The E-Resources FY2024 Selection System will be open April 3 through mid-May. Thirty-five new resources will be offered.
  • CARLI members have been notified that access to the Alexander Street Press products purchased by CARLI in 2013, will now incur an annual fee for each product to provide access to their patrons.
  • The CARLI Commercial Products Committee is hosting a series of webinars regarding Open Access. The series began March 1, with additional webinars scheduled in April and May./p>
  • CARLI and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are working on a Shared Institutional Repository “quiet pilot” with participants from Knox College, University of Illinois Springfield, and Lincoln Land Community College.
  • CARLI is working with the University of Illinois System Office to update our host agreement.
  • CARLI Counts Cohort 4 will begin with an in-person session on March 28 in Champaign.
  • CARLI has applied for a competitive IMLS grant, “CCALLS: Consortial Collaboration for Academic Library Leadership Success,” to enable the CARLI Counts curriculum to be shared with other library consortia.
  • CARLI member libraries have committed $238,000 to support an FY24 Ebook program.
  • CARLI has submitted its GY24 proposed budget to the University of Illinois System Office for review.
  • CARLI Illinois SCOERs Round 1 projects were presented during Open Education Week; Round 2 Awardees are starting on their projects now. CARLI is reviewing applications for Illinois SCOERs Round 3 subgrant applications. Funding decisions will be announced by the first week in April.
  • CARLI has completed an agreement with LibreTexts to serve as the access point for the Illinois SCOERs OER projects.
  • Topics for training workshops for Illinois SCOERs grant awardees include Instructional Design; Accessibility; Copyright, Creative Commons, and Fair Use; and 3-D Printing. These workshops are open to all members.
  • CARLI staff and the OER Committee are working on a survey “Illinois Course Materials Survey: Student Perspective” to identify student needs for open course materials.
  • CARLI is accepting applications for the 2023 CARLI Scholarship. Applications are due June 1.  The scholarship is funded by donations and sponsorship fees from the CARLI Annual Meeting.
  • The CARLI Professional Development Alliance collaboration with 9 other library consortia has resulted in over 320 free programs for CARLI members since its inception in FY 2021. The 57 programs that have been offered by CARLI have reached over 6100 registrants.
  • CARLI hosted five webinars during Open Education Week 2023.
  • The 2023 CARLI New Directors Institute will be held in-person on May 25 and 26.
  • The CARLI Program Planning Committee will sponsor the “Shared Spaces Webinar Series” in May.
  • The CARLI Program Planning Committee is partially sponsoring registrations fees for up to 30 participants in the Creative Commons Certificate Program.
  • The CARLI Building Diversity Graduate Assistant Program (BDGAP) is accepting applications for the second year of the program. The program is supported in FY24 by CARLI and the University of Illinois System Office.

Tasks Assigned

  • CARLI staff will prepare and issue the Call for Nominations for the Governing Board Election.
  • CARLI staff will prepare and issue the call for volunteers for CARLI committees and task forces.
  • The CARLI staff will update the draft of the strategic plan for final review by the Board in late spring 2023. The final plan will be issued to the membership in early FY24.

Upcoming Meetings

  • 2023 Board meetings
    • Friday, June 16, 2023 (in-person at CARLI Office at IHLS and via Zoom)
  • 2023 Executive Committee meetings
    • Wednesday, June 7, 2023 (via Zoom)