CARLI Board Minutes: March 8, 2019

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members attending: Anne Craig (CARLI), Richard Darga (Chicago State University), Rebecca Donald (Trinity International University), Jeff Douglas (Knox College), Cindy Fuller (Millikin University), Cate Kaufman (Illinois Central College), Micheal Kott (Morton College), Tammy Kuhn-Schnell (Lincoln Land Community College), Lydia Morrow Ruetten (Governors State University), John Pollitz (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), John Small (North Central College), Frances Whaley (Illinois Valley Community College)

Absent: Fred Barnhart (Northern Illinois University), Michael Lorenzen (Western Illinois University), Greg McCormick (Illinois State Library)

Staff attending: Margaret Chambers, Elizabeth Clarage, Cindy Clennon, Diane Day, Gordon Fellows,  Kristine Hammerstrand (by phone)


  • Minutes of the December 7, 2018 meeting were approved prior to the meeting.
  • The Board approved the timeline for the 2019 Board of Directors election. Current Board members Rebecca Donald (Trinity International University), Tammy Kuhn-Schnell (Lincoln Land Community College), and John Pollitz (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) will serve on the Nominating Committee, with CARLI staff coordinating the process.
  • Board members Tammy Kuhn-Schnell (Lincoln Land Community College) and Cate Kaufman (Illinois Central College) will work with CARLI Staff to plan projects, events and communications related to I-Share’s 40th anniversary in 2020.
  • The Board recommends the approval of the 2019 revision to the CARLI Bylaws. The revisions clarify membership eligibility requirements, allow the consortium to pursue opportunities with non-academic libraries in Illinois, establish the method to break a tie in the election of the Board Chair, clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee, and make minor adjustments to align with current operations.
  • The Board is grateful to Tammy Kuhn-Schnell and Frances Whaley (Illinois Valley Community College for their work with the Bylaws Revision Task Force. Their work is now complete.
  • The Board approved the membership application from the Chicago History Museum.
  • The Board accepted the recommendation of the Funding Task Force to:
    • Adopt Agency Fund guidelines for planning purposes
    • To increase I-Share assessments by 3% annually for FY22-24, and to reexamine assessments in FY22 using new Alma Primo VE data with the goal of implementing any changes for current I-Share participants in FY25. The reexamination task should include modeling an I-Share assessment fee structure for prospective I-Share participants as well as ongoing participants.
    • To accept the recommendation for the Membership Fees as follows:
      Use the existing formula with the following modifications:
      • Increase per FTE cost from $.50/FTE to $.65/FTE.
      • Update institutional classifications using the 2018 Carnegie Classification Data.
      • Add a 2.5 multiplier for the new Carnegie Classification Doctoral/Professional.
      • Adjust Carnegie Doctoral/Higher Research to a multiplier of 3 (from 4).
    • The task force also recommends:
      • In FY22, raise maximum to $15,000 (from $13,155); the minimum, to $2,031 (from $1,972). Maximum/minimum would rise according to the percentage increase (3%) in FY23 and FY24.
      • In FY23 and FY24, set 3% across-the-board increases for each year.
      • For FY25 fees, recalculate in FY22 using the new formula. The maximum/minimum fees could increase as well.
      • Continue to charge the minimum membership fee for non-academic research libraries that do not have FTE (i.e., Field Museum of Natural History, Newberry Library, Pritzker Military Library).
      • Affiliate Membership Fees will be assessed separately.
      • For members with membership fee changes of 25% or more from FY21 to FY22, implement an optional two-year escalating rate.
        • FY22: Pay FY21 rate + 33% of the amount of the increase.
        • FY23: Pay FY21 rate + 67% of the amount of the increase
        • FY24: Pay the full membership fee.
  • Appeals about potential errors in the IBHE FTE count or the Carnegie Classification may be sent to the CARLI Senior Director. 
  • The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.


  • CARLI is working closely with Ex Libris on the Alma Primo VE migration project to refine the scope of the project and preparing for the “Vanguard Phase”, which has just begun.  Libraries participating in this phase are Newberry Library (NBY), North Central College (NCC), Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIC), University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIU). During this phase, CARLI, the Vanguard libraries, and Ex Libris will do a rapid data migration of the full set of Voyager and e-resource management data for the Vanguard libraries to provide an early test of migration plans and a test environment for working on configuration settings for Alma and Primo VE. The Vanguard Phase is expected to last until July, 2019. The Implementation Phase, affecting ALL I-Share libraries, is expected to begin in July 2019.
  • CARLI has created an Alma Primo VE web page on the CARLI website including an FAQ for the project. Regular updates will also be included in the CARLI enewsletter.
  • CARLI staff are preparing for the FY20 selection cycle. Vendors will be offering 47 new products in this cycle. Vendors are currently entering FY20 pricing which should be completed by the end of March. We anticipate opening the system for libraries to make subscription commitments from mid-April through mid-May.
  • CARLI is working through final details of the Request for Proposal process for subsidized e-resources database package. The current contract with EBSCO expires June 30, 2019.
  • Libraries interested in continuing access to Black Thought & Culture and Women & Social Movements will need to pay an annual access fee for these products beginning in FY20. Library commitments to pay the fees will be made using the Selection System during the FY20 subscription commitments period. 
  • The Commercial Products Committee is hosting a daylong event, “Emerging Issues in E-Resources: Usage Statistics and Streaming Video,” on March 26. The event will focus on the challenges of managing e-resources usage statistics and working with streaming video products. 
  • CARLI is continuing to investigate options to expand the E-resources brokering service beyond CARLI member libraries.
  • CARLI has submitted their documentation to the University of Illinois System for the FY 2020 Annual Budget Process. CARLI will make their presentation to the Budget Review Committee later this spring.
  • CARLI is continuing to seek sponsorships for key CARLI events. CARLI staff are developing guidelines and a system to track fundraising and sponsorship efforts.
  • CARLI is beginning the Request for Information process for a consortial ebook purchasing program.
  • CARLI is continuing to working with NC Live to offer a website template services for libraries that is built on LibGuides. A webinar about the services will be arranged once the agreement has been finalized.
  • CARLI will be migrating to a vendor hosted version of CONTENTdm beginning March 20. Documentation about the migration is available from the CARLI web site.
  • The first in-person session of the IMLS-grant-funded CARLI Counts program was held February 19-21 in Champaign.
  • CARLI is planning a leadership event for mid-level library staff to be held on September 25, 2019, in Champaign. More information will be forthcoming.
  • The Illinois State Library is working with Reaching Across Illinois Library System and Heartland Library System on agreements for delivery service beginning July 1, 2019.
  • CARLI will hold a New Directors Institute May 15-16, 2019, at the CARLI Office in Champaign. Eleven new library directors have expressed interest in attending.
  • CARLI programs coming in April-May include “Change is Good: You Go First! Leading Others to and through Change,” April 2, University of Illinois at Chicago; “OER Forum,” April 29, Loyola University, Chicago and the “CARLI Instruction Showcase,” May 23, North Park University, Chicago.

Task Assigned

  • CARLI will work with Board members to implement a profile/contact page for the Board of Directors.
  • CARLI will work with the Board to establish a system to facilitate communication with CARLI committees.
  • CARLI will work with the Chicago History Museum to initiate their membership.
  • CARLI will communicate with library directors regarding the changes to the membership fees and I-Share asssessments for FY22 and beyond.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • 2019 Executive Committee meetings (via conference call):
    • Wednesday, June 5, 2019
  • 2019 Board meetings (at the CARLI Office, Champaign)
    • Friday, June 14, 2019