Technical Services Committee Meeting: July 25, 2016

Conference call

Members attending: Melissa Burel (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville); Keith Eiten (Wheaton College); Jessica Grzegorski (Newberry Library); Ann Heinrichs (Catholic Theological Union); co-chair Mary Konkel (College of DuPage); co-chair Joelen Pastva (Northwestern University); Nicole Ream-Sotomayor (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Sandy Roe (Illinois State University)

Members absent: Cynthia Romanowski (Governors State University)

CARLI staff attending: Jen Masciadrelli; Nicole Swanson

Guests: Susan Singleton, Anne Craig


  • We chose a secretary for this meeting and for all meetings throughout the year. 
  • We will approve the minutes of the June meeting at our August meeting.
  • Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM

Tasks Assigned

  • Jessica Grzegorski volunteered to help Nicole Swanson in maintaining CARLI’s RDA trainings calendar
  • Jen Masciadrelli will check with Margaret on streaming events.
  • Committee members: consider a topic(s) for the annual project and Spring forum to discuss in the August meeting.


  • Secretary for Committee meetings: our usual method has been to choose the secretary alphabetically by last name, then rotate throughout the membership, skipping new members the first time through the alphabet. After the meeting, co-chair Mary Konkel e-mailed a proposed secretary schedule to the committee listserv.
  • Outgoing CARLI senior director Susan Singleton and incoming senior director Anne Craig announcements: 
    1. Susan introduced Anne and explained that they overlapped their employment during the month of July, in order for Susan to train Anne during that month.  Susan will be officially retiring at the end of July. 
    2. Susan gave us an overview of CARLI’s budgetary outlook.  Like last year, because of the state budget stalemate, the picture is very unclear.  
    3. Because of funding cuts, CARLI has asked committees to meet only by telephone or Internet, not in person. 
    4. CARLI will still hold its annual meeting in November in person.  Susan said the CARLI board liked all the committees’ annual projects, and hopes that there will be short presentations of them at the November meeting.
    5. The RFP for I-Share Next is now in the hands of the University of Illinois purchasing office, and they are working on it; she hopes that they will complete their work soon but didn’t have a firm date.  
  • We reviewed the Guidelines for CARLI Committee Chairs and Members, found at
  • We reviewed CARLI’s Organizational Structure and Committee’s Charge. found at
  • We reviewed the methods for group communications:
    1. Committee email list:  
    2. Technical Services Committee group space: <will be demoed in our August meeting>
  • Member announcements.
    1. Sandy Roe: There is a free satellite meeting sponsored by IFLA: Subject Access: Unlimited Opportunities, Aug 11-12, Columbus, Ohio.
    2. Ann Heinrichs: Ann is now a contributor to Theology Cataloging Bulletin, a publication of Technical Services Interest Group of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA).  Ann will be providing sections of this publication that publish new and updated subject and genre headings, and new Library of Congress Classification numbers for theology.
    3. Sandy Roe: Sandy is happy to announce that the Illinois State University board of trustees has approved funds to repair the leaking plaza by Milner Library.
  • The continuing subcommittee to update the Cataloging E-Resources document has been on hiatus for the past month.  They will resume work in September.  The primary work is to consolidate all the changes and comments on their working document.  Mingyan Li will continue on this group even though her term on the Technical Services Committee ended in June.
  • We reviewed last year’s activities (found in the annual report) and annual project.
  • We discussed several options for the format for a spring forum: joint meetings with other committees (in order to facilitate carpooling for member librarians), live-streaming or other way to attend a forum remotely.
  • For the next meeting we need to brainstorm ideas for this year’s annual project and forum.  The topic does not need to be the same or similar for both, but it is helpful.  Members need to study the proposed future activities in last year’s annual report, and come to the August meeting prepared to champion at least one of them or suggest new topics.

Next Meeting

  • August 23, 2016, Adobe Connect meeting with conference call audio

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Eiten