Technical Services Committee Meeting: March 7, 2016

Conference call

Members attending: Melissa Burel (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville), Keith Eiten (Wheaton College, co-chair), Ann Heinrichs (Catholic Theological Union, co-chair), Mary Konkel (College of DuPage), Mingyan Li (Oakton Community College), Joelen Pastva (University of Illinois Chicago), Sandy Roe (Illinois State University), Mary Tatro (Augustana College)

CARLI Staff attending: Ted Schwitzner, Nicole Swanson

CARLI Staff absent: Jen Masciadrelli


  • Melissa was selected as secretary
  • Minutes of the Feb. 1 2016 were approved
  • The meeting was adjourned at 3:23 pm


  • Committee member announcements.
    • Anne attended the CARLI MARC Format for Holdings Data (MFHD) workshop
    • Keith attended Music Library Association (MLA) Annual Conference
  • CARLI Report
    • The new libraries are progressing- data review training Wednesday
    • Pick and Scan
      • Nicole did a large run of pick and scan last week and was able to process 30,150 records before the program slowed down too much to continue. Mary Tatro found that she was able to process sets of 500 records for complex processing before the program slowed.
    • The position description for the CARLI Executive Director has been released from HR. The position description will appear on various listservs and CARLI will hire this position within a short time frame
    • CARLI User Services Team is investigating reviewing the suggested priorities for database maintenance from top to bottom. They will be running numbers for each library to assess the amount of troubles and providing recommended adjustments to those priorities. They will let everyone know where they stand


  • Subcommittee report: Updating the I-Share document on cataloging e-resources
    • The committee got through the edits of the glossary and will be focusing on the executive summary, recommended reading at the end of Section 7, and Section 6
    • Committee will review GoogleDocs with edits and comments prior to meeting again April 7th
  • Tech Services Spring Forum:
    • Finalized title: Cataloging and Database Maintenance with new tools: MarcEdit and others
    • Solidified the agenda today; Jen and Nicole will work on getting registration up this week.
    • Speakers:
      • Brittany Adams will present on Regular Expression and regexr
      • Keith will cover Searching the Z39.50 interface to get records into MarcEdit (Z39.50/SRU client)
      • Kristen Martin and Christie Thomas (from the University of Chicago) confirmed their willingness to talk about automating tasks within MarcEdit (could fill about an hour time frame, consisting of a presentation and questions)
      • Ted Schwitzer will cover the morning Introduction to MarcEdit session which will include exporting tab delimited files.
      • Keith will do the welcome and logistics
    • The committee discussed the afternoon sessions and debated the pros and cons of break-out sessions verse one large informational session 
    • The committee discussed the option of having an open room for those who want to discuss specific topics
  • Annual Project: Using MarcEdit for Database Maintenance: A Select Primer
    • Tentative sections and status were discussed:
      • Introduction (Keith) - in comments stage
      • Projects Suited for MarcEdit (Sandy) - in comments stage
      • Standard Steps in the Process (Ann) - in comments state, may be shortened or cut?
      • Two MarcEdit Projects with step-by-step screenshots
        • a. RDA compliance example, changing "ca." to "approximately" in 1XX and 7XX headings - Keith will create
        • b. Editing URLs in vendor records - Melissa - in comments stage
      • Wrap up (tbd)
    • The committee looked at the pages available on Google Docs and Melissa's instructions through email and gave preliminary feedback. 
  • Unresolved issues still under discussion: 
    • Whether to include all steps, from beginning to end for the two MarcEdit projects, including the WRO and the MarcBreaker/Maker steps
    • Whether to add a list of “projects that can be handled the same way” at the end of each demonstration
    • How to make the AP useful for both I-Share and non-I-Share members
      • Suggestion: Have a faint gray highlight on the I-Share-only material
      • For non-I-Share members: Include descriptions of other ways to extract  records? (Z39.50 and others)
    • What will the Wrap up section consist of? Who would like to write it?


  • Each person who contributed to the Annual Project will incorporate edits into their sections
  • Melissa will migrate her instructions to GoogleDocs
  • Keith will work on the RDA compliance example

Next Meeting:

Monday, April 4, 2016, 2–3:30 p.m., Conference Call