Technical Services Committee Meeting: October 3, 2018

Conference Call

Members Attending: 

Jessica Grzegorski (co-chair; Newberry Library); Deborah Morris (Roosevelt University); Adrienne Radzvickas (Lincoln College); Cynthia Romanowski (Governors State University); Nicole Ream-Sotomayor (co-chair; University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign); Bill Schultz (Eastern Illinois University); Joan Schuitema (Northeastern Illinois University); Gayle Porter (Chicago State University); Mingyan Li (University of Illinois at Chicago)

CARLI Staff Attending:

Jen Masciaderelli, Nicole Swanson, Ted, Schwitzner



  • Chicago State University now has new carpet; it was replaced due to a flood in January.
  • Governor State University successfully got the salary raise on two senior library specialists; one is cataloging, and another is interlibrary loan.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign cataloging department has filled 3 new civil service positions.

CARLI reports 

  • CARLI Annual Meeting will be held on November 2nd; registration closes on October 25.
  • The upcoming cataloging training led by Nicole Swanson and Ted is on October 18 and 19; registration closes on October 4. 
  • October Voyager Skills webinars: October 12 Ted presents Access Reports Troubleshooting; October 26 Jen presents Acquisitions topics [this webinar was moved to November 16]. All webinars are recorded.
  • New Voyager tag table updates will be out today.


  • Reviewed the 1-page summary of 2017-2018 annual project 
  • Provided feedback on Cynthia’s presentation for the CARLI Annual Meeting. 
  • Annual Project: Change Management Forum; topic already shared with Anne Craig.
    • Jen provided an update that the Collection Management Committee is very excited to collaborate and shared their ideas for possible topics. The Public Services Committee is having a meeting tomorrow and will discuss their interest in participating. 
    • Volunteers for forum planning committee: 
      • From Technical Services Committee: Joan, Mingyan
      • From Collection Management Committee: Kelli Getz, one additional person from would be helpful
      • CARLI liaisons: Nicole Swanson, Jen, Elizabeth
    • Update on location from Mingyan
      • Nicole Swanson, Jen, Mingyan and UIC library AUL Linda Naru exchanged emails about having the forum in UIC’s Student Center East.
    • Tentative date: Looking into the week of March 25-29 which is spring break on campus.[This week was unavailable, date moved to April 2] 
  • Per Ted, review the Suggested Priorities for Bibliographic, Holding, and Item Record Maintenance and separate out into another list what is most important for data migration.
    • Sub-group is formed to work on this project: Cynthia, Jessica, Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Adrienne
  • Best Practices document for managing local bibliographic data - tabled
  • Regular (quarterly?) review of Vu Find issues log on GitHub to recommend which should be prioritized - tabled
  • Emails from Christa Strickler (Wheaton College) and Ted regarding duplicate records in the Universal Catalog (8/1/2018 and 8/13/2018) 
    • Decision to brainstorm and throw out ideas on how to deal with duplicate records in Universal Catalog and related issues mentioned in Christa’s email through the Committee email list.


  • September minutes approved
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:03 PM

Tasks assigned:

  • Cynthia, Jessica, Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Adrienne will review the suggested priorities for bibliographic, holding, and item record maintenance and identify what is most important for data migration. 
  • Joan, Mingyan, Kelli Getz from Collection Management Committee will serve on annual forum planning committee with CARLI staff Nicole Swanson, Jen, and Elizabeth.
  • Everyone will review Christa Strickler’s email and try to brainstorm ideas on how to deal with duplicate records in Universal Catalog and related issues.

Meeting dates and deadlines:

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 7, 10:30am-12:00pm, via conference call 

Respectfully submitted by,
Mingyan Li