Technical Services Committee Meeting: July 23, 2018

In Person Meeting at the CARLI Office

Members attending in person: 
Jessica Grzegorski (co- chair; Newberry Library); Ming Yan Li, University of Illinois at Chicago; Deborah Morris (Roosevelt University); Adrienne Radzvickas (Lincoln College); Cynthia Romanowski (Governors State University); Nicole Ream-Sotomayor (co- chair; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Bill Schultz (Eastern Illinois University)

Members attending by conference call: Gayle Porter (Chicago State University); Joan Schuitema (Northeastern Illinois University)

Members absent:  None

CARLI staff attending: Jen Masciadrelli, Nicole Swanson, Ted Schwitzner, Anne Craig



  • CARLI report: Anne Craig shared  
    • CARLI is awaiting a budget update from the University of Illinois Systems office. 
    • CARLI is starting a philanthropy strategy for finding sponsors for events; CARLI is actively looking for sponsors to fund the annual CARLI meeting. 
    • The CARLI 2020 strategic plan is finished and should be available on the website in the next few weeks.  In the next fiscal year, anticipate that committees will use the strategic plan to work on projects; work closely with each other and with the board. 
    • CARLI has submitted a grant to IMLS for continuing education in presenting convincing narratives promoting the academic library as crucial to the campus and how libraries can become more prominent in the recruitment, retention, and graduation of students. The outcome of the grant proposal should be announced soon.
    • The RFP process continues.  
  • Jen presented an overview and display of the Guidelines for CARLI Committee Members and reviewed the CARLI organizational structure and committee’s charge.
  • Nicole Swanson reviewed Committee communication and collaboration options including: the Committee , the TSC Box account, the Committee group page, and Adobe Connect. 
  • Member announcements:
    • Eastern Illinois University Library: a new dean will start Aug. 1.
    • UIUC has established a new medical school, Carle Illinois College of Medicine. The Health Sciences Library, which was part of UI-Chicago’s College of Medicine on Urbana’s campus, has been closed.
    • University of Illinois at Chicago plans to merge with the John Marshall Law School.
    • Governors State University Library: there will be new searches for a Technical Services staff position and for a Health and Human Services Librarian.
    • Cynthia is incoming convener for the ACRL Technical Services Working Group.
    • Mingyan is co-chair of the ALCTS Metadata Working Group; this year’s theme: metadata collaboration; looking for speakers for the annual program at ALA.  
    • Northeastern Illinois University Library is advertising for a new library dean; 7 positions are currently open. 


  • Should we continue to update the list of upcoming RDA trainings? It was decided that this is still useful. Jessica and Nicole Swanson will update the list and announce the updates in the Technical Services Interest Group email list and the CARLI Newsletter. Nicole will check on website hits to the list.
  • The 2018 annual report is in the 2017-2018 Annual Report on the CARLI Web site.
  • The next version of New VuFind is currently being tested.
  • Nicole Swanson reported that three recommendations from the 2017-2018 annual project list of VuFind recommendations have been resolved.  Most of the remaining recommendations are now in GitHub with five pending further review. The Committee can report additional issues to to be added to GitHub, perhaps revisting the recommendations list later in the year (December or January). We can update the list with fixes on a quarterly schedule. 
  • The annual project was discussed. It was decided to have some sort of forum, about change management. It was decided to have a general session about change, not necessarily library-related, at the beginning, with breakout sessions later in the day.
    • There was a discussion about having a panel discussion with questions submitted in advance. There was some concern that it might become too technical.
    • There was a discussion about breakout sessions asking attendees to discuss what they felt that their issues would be, and how CARLI can help.
    • It was decided to keep the sessions more focused on change management. We need to determine what outcomes we want from the forum.
    • It was decided to ask the Collection Management and Public Services committees to see if they want to be a part of the forum.
    • Ted said that the maintenance projects list has not been reprioritized in a long time, and we could review it and determine what’s more important for migration.
    • The issue of how to manage collection data when the records in Collection Manager don’t match your records was discussed. Local data is the hardest data to find and manage during cleanup. A Best Practices document would be helpful. 
    • The second half of March would be the best time for the upcoming forum.
    • There was discussion on where to hold the forum. 
    • Monthly committee meetings were scheduled.


  • We will continue to update GitHub with VuFind problems and our spreadsheet with fixes.
  • We will have a forum concentrating on change management. We will ask the Collection Management and Public Services committees if they want to join the forum.
  • We will meet on the first Wednesday of the month from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., starting September 5th.  Nicole sent out a list of the meeting dates for the rest of the year.

Tasks assigned:

  • Jen will talk to the Collection Management committee about the forum and will talk to Denise about inviting the Public Services committee to join the forum.
  • Jessica and Nicole will update and announce the RDA Calendar, and check on web analytics. 

Meeting dates and deadlines:

The next meeting will be on September 5th.

Respectfully submitted,
Gayle Porter and Adrienne Radzvickas