Technical Services Committee Meeting, May 8, 2015

Conference Call

Members attending: Elizabeth Cribbs (Northern Illinois University, co-chair), Keith Eiten (Wheaton College), Lynn Fields (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Ann Heinrichs (Catholic Theological Union), Mary Konkel (College of DuPage), Deborah Morris (Roosevelt University), Lauren Noel (Columbia College, co-chair), Mary Tatro (Augustana College), Tonya Webb (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Members absent: Kavita Mundle (University of Illinois at Chicago), Dallas Long (Illinois State University)

Staff attending: Jennifer Macsciadrelli, Nicole Swanson


April minutes approved.


  • Nicole reported that new volunteers for the TSC Committee have been contacted. Those who have accepted positions include: Melissa Burel (SIUE), Joelen Pastva (UIC) and Mingyan Li (Oakton Community College). We are awaiting one other volunteer’s acceptance. 
  • All the MARCEdit webinars presented so far been recorded and are available on the CARLI website; Registration for the May 15th webinar closes today. The sessions are being recorded and are available via the CARLI website. CARLI is sharing these recordings directly with Terry Reese so that he can make them available to users outside of CARLI – he reports that there have already been 400 views.
  • Jen reported that CARLI is focusing on preparing for the Voyager Upgrade in June.
    • CARLI staff has scheduled seven webinars about the upgrade to Voyager 9.1.1. The dates, times, and topics are listed on the CARLI website with the first webinar on May 12th focusing on upgrade basics and general features.  


Annual Project: 
The Annual Project Subcommittee has compiled a draft for the Committee’s 2015 Annual Project on Shelf-Ready available for the entire committee to review.  After May 15th, the final version will be converted to a webpage on the CARLI website.  It was noted that what is chiefly missing is a title for the entire document, as well as an introductory section defining the topic.  Lauren’s Introduction, presented at the Spring Forum, will serve as the basis for an introduction.  All committee members were encouraged to suggest a title for the final document.  So far, we are going with “Exploring Shelf-Ready.”  

Much discussion took place concerning the panel discussion section of the report; it was decided that panel participants should be asked to review their answers to ensure accuracy.  

Spring Forum: 

Forum slides and notes from the panel discussions are on the CARLI website:  The survey evaluation was discussed and it was agreed that the Forum was generally a success.  It was also noted that participants’ suggestions, concerning topics they would like to see covered, might be considered for future forums.


  • Collaboration with Public Services about Communicating RDA to Non-Technical Services staff: recordings and slides are available for the first two webinars, both of which were well received.  The survey for webinar 2 is available for viewing and was extremely positive.  It was also agreed that these are a great educational resource for all staff, besides just public services.  Thanks to all the presenters for their excellent work on these!
  • CARLI’s next training video on Cataloging Preferences will be developed after the Voyager Upgrade webinars have taken place.
  • Keith Eiten (Wheaton College) and Ann Heinrichs (Catholic Theological Union) have graciously agreed to serve as co-chairs for next year’s TSC Committee.
  • Elizabeth asked committee members to suggest topics for future plans/projects for next year by May 25th so that these ideas may be included in this year’sannual report to the CARLI Board.  Much discussion took place and included the following topics: The Technical Services Committee sees several ways to explore technical service issues in the future. We will continue to assist the CARLI staff members with training videos involving cataloging and other technical service work, and we have discussed creating forums for discussing what other librarians are doing with technical reports such as access reports. We have also considered exploring issues relating to electronic resources such as batch loading and eBook bibliographic record maintenance. TSC members have also suggested following up the very successful CARLI-sponsored MARCEdit webinars with more information about potential projects and other issues related to MARCEdit. Finally, the CARLI Technical Services group plans to address more acquisition-related issues in the coming year. The TSC group discussed programming and professional development opportunities such as webinars, day-long forums, hack sessions, and lightning talks.


All committee members:

  • Add any edits to the annual project draft by May 15
  • Add any edits to the annual report by May 22 (?)

Next Meeting:
June 12, 2015 Conference call

Respectfully Submitted,
Lauren Noel