Technical Services Committee Meeting, April 10, 2015

Conference Call

Members attending: Elizabeth Cribbs (Northern Illinois University, co-chair), Keith Eiten (Wheaton College), Lynn Fields (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Ann Heinrichs (Catholic Theological Union), Mary Konkel (College of DuPage), Deborah Morris (Roosevelt University), Kavita Mundle (University of Illinois at Chicago), Lauren Noel (Columbia College, co-chair), Mary Tatro (Augustana College)

Members absent: Tonya Webb (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dallas Long (Illinois State University)                                                              

Staff attending: Jennifer Masciadrelli, Nicole Swanson.


Minutes of the March 13, 2015 meeting were approved.


  • Volunteer for a CARLI committee form is due April 29; e-mails were sent to recruit new members. So far, we do have a few volunteers.
  • Voyager upgrade June 12th. Indexing will be done in the evening, do not try to save after 5 pm.  Overnight process to minimize disruption.  Libraries will be alerted.
  • Marc Edit webinar #3 April 13th.
  • Previous Marc Edit postings to YouTube on Terry Reese’s channel, have produced good results.  100+ hits by 10+ countries; proving to be very helpful.
  • Webinar: “How does RDA change the way records look in the online catalog” April 15, 2015.
  • Webinar: “How RDA affects searching…” is May 1, 2015.


  • Annual project updates: there will be two note takers for the panel and roundtable discussion. Final project ready to submit by May 29th
  • Forum Updates:
    • Still waiting for response from Beth.
    • Kavita and Steve Smith compiled discussions and are willing to be panelists.
    • Panel discussion could be moved into the roundtable discussions if we need more time for questions.
    • Mary asked about procedures/ formats for moderators: Panelists introduce themselves; panelists can pass on questions if they want to; questions were e-mailed to panelists to prepare ahead of time.
    • Forum schedule was discussed and final draft is below. 65 are registered so far
    • Presenters will send what they’ve written down for their discussion(s)
    • Ted will take notes at the Marc Edit round table discussion and Ann will be back up for Mary at the Voyager sessions
    • Nicole asked about handouts/ printouts to be ready to send to her TODAY!
    • Evaluations will be done through Survey Monkey after the forum.
    • Voyager Upgrade: 9.1.1: won't have live demos at the time of the forum, but they will have screen shots.
  • Webinar Updates
    • Past webinars are available on CARLI's website
    • April 15th webinar has 90 registered so far.

New Business

  • Next meeting: May 8, 2015, 10:00-11:30
    • Can go over evaluations and first draft of annual project.
  • Meeting: June 12, 2015, 10:00-11:30
    • Can select new chair and then at the July in-person meeting should set up meeting times for the year.