Technical Services Committee Meeting: December 9, 2014

Conference Call

Members attending:  Elizabeth Cribbs (Northern Illinois University, co-chair), Keith Eiten (Wheaton College), Lynn Fields (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Ann Heinrichs (Catholic Theological Union), Mary Konkel (College of DuPage), Deborah Morris (Roosevelt University) and Lauren Noel (Columbia College, co-chair)

Members absent: Dallas Long (Illinois State University), Kavita Mundle (University of Illinois at Chicago), Mary Tatro (Augustana College) and Tonya Webb (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)

Staff attending:  Jen Masciadrelli, Nicole Swanson, and Ted Schwitzner


  • November 11, 2014 minutes approved as amended.
  • The revised “Standards for Bibliographic Records in I-Share” and the revised Cooperative Cataloging Guidelines for I-Share Databases” were approved by the Committee. Nicole and Jen will take the documents forward.
  • The meeting adjourned at 10:52.


  • Nicole announced that Jen, Ted and she are working with Karen Gallacci at Greenville College on pulling together a set of PCC/CONSER records for the  Sage eJournal 2007 Deep Backfile Collection.
  • Nicole announced that she is working with Denise Green to create a cataloging web page for new catalogers. She asked if anyone had any training videos that could be added. Elizabeth volunteered to check with someone at NIU.
  • Jen announced that they are continuing discussions with Terry Reese about MARC Edit training. The plan is to have a series of webinars in the early spring.  The webinars will be broadcast live and recorded.


  • Open Source materials: The committee discussed how the resources are used at their libraries, and if they belong in the UC and CARLI Resource Database.
  • Training videos: Ted reported that the training video on loading consortial tag tables has been completed and is in the queue to be added to the webpage. Ted asked if anyone else was working on anything. Nicole stated that John Whisler is working on a video on safe cataloging, and  the video on session defaults and preferences will be recorded after CARLI staff have access to Voyager 9.1
  • Annual project: Nicole reported that the Subcommittee’s meeting was moved to the full meeting today and the group is still gathering information. Keith shared additional resources and Lauren volunteered to join the Subcommittee. Jen will schedule a meeting for after the holidays.
  • Spring forum topics timeline: We need to work on this.
  • Spring forum location: The Spring forum will be held at UIC on April 17th.
  • Collaboration with Public Services about Communicating RDA to Non-Technical Services staff: Elizabeth reported that there is no update. The Subcommittee is scheduled to meet on December 10th.
  • TSC subgroup revising “Standards for Bibliographic Records in I-Share”:
    • Lynn reported that the Subgroup met on November 4th and took one last look at the “Standards for Bibliographic Records in I-Share.” A few minor edits were suggested. It was decided that the document was ready to go to the whole Technical Services Committee.
    • The Subgroup also discussed the “Cooperative Cataloging Guidelines for I-Share Databases.” Some revisions were suggested, and it was decided that after email discussion of the revisions, the document was ready to go to the whole Technical Services Committee.
    • Lynn thanked everyone on the Subgroup for their hard work on the revision of the two documents.
  • New business: Possible clean-up projects in preparation for the Voyager upgrade. After a brief discussion it was decided that CARLI staff will send out a message about the upgrade in general terms and point people to the Suggested Priorities for Bibliographic, Holding, and Item Record Maintenance document.  It was suggested that some real-life examples about some of the problems they have found would be good.  Lynn volunteered to do some of these and share them on the Technical Services Interest Group email list.
  • We discussed changing the meeting date to the 4th Tuesday. Lauren will send a question to those not present at today’s meeting.

Tasks assigned:

  • Elizabeth will check with someone at NIU about cataloging videos that could be added to the cataloging web page for new catalogers.
  • CARLI staff will send an email out about the upcoming Voyager upgrade and suggestions for clean-up projects to be done prior to the upgrade.
  • Lynn will write some examples of issues that have been discovered doing clean-up work.

Respectfully submitted:

Lynnette Fields