Technical Services Committee Meeting: February 12, 2014

Conference Call

Members attending:  Jim Edstrom, Lynn Fields, Tonya Webb, Lauren Noel, Dallas Long, John Whisler, Elizabeth Cribbs, Deborah Morris, and Mary Tatro.

Guest attending: Lori Murphy

Members absent:   Kavita Mundle

Staff attending:  Nicole Swanson and Ted Schwitzner.

Staff absent: Jen Masciadrelli


  • Minutes of the January 8, 2014 meeting were approved.  A correction was made noting that Tonya, Elizabeth, and Lauren were not in attendance at that meeting.
  • The spring forum agenda was approved.


  • Mary and Nicole have updated the RDA training calendar.  Mary particularly noted a free webinar available on February 19th.  The following day AMIGOS is holding an online conference—“Is RDA on your Radar?”
  • The committee welcomed Lauren Noel from Columbia to the committee.
  • CARLI report:  The new libraries are fully implemented in the system.  There was a Voyager cataloging training session last week for new staff conducted by John Whisler.  There will be another session on March 31-April 1.  Elaine Page will be the trainer.


  • The draft RDA best practices document was discussed.  Lynn emphasized these are recommendations.  Lynn and other members of the committee who have been working on the documents will make changes, send it out, and we’ll discuss it again at the next meeting for final approval.
  • Spring forum:  Jim noted that Heather Parisi and Rong Li informed us that their committee will not be working on this event. 
  • IACRL group:  Jim/Lynn reported on our conference call from 1/31 and discussed where we are on the process—definitions, history, etc.
  • The PDA/DDA forum scheduled for June 2, 2014 in Champaign was discussed.  A tentative agenda was discussed in a separate conference call.  Lynn Wiley will be the keynote speaker.
  • White paper:  Jim is working on an introduction.  It was agreed that a subcommittee would be the best approach for completing this document.  Jim, Lynn, and Lauren volunteered; it was suggested that Dallas and Kavita also be asked if they would be interested in joining this subcommittee.
  • The Workflow sharing blind has been created, but is not yet visible on the CARLI website.
  • Nicole and Ted reported on character encoding testing results for MARC21 MARC-8 (non-Unicode).  Recommendations are being put together based upon positive results.

Tasks Assigned:

  • Jim will write a blurb advertising the forum.
  • Nicole will set up a poll and conference call for the white paper subcommittee.
  • Jen will be adding John’s workflow to the workflow sharing blind

The meeting was adjourned at 11:26 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Jim Edstrom