Technical Services Committee Meeting: April 26, 2017

Conference call

Members attending: 
Melissa Burel (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville); Mary Konkel (co-chair; College of DuPage); Cynthia Romanowski (Governors State University); Ann Heinrichs (Catholic Theological Union); Joelen Pastva (co-chair; Northwestern University); Sandy Roe (Illinois State University); Keith Eiten (Wheaton College); Jessica Grzegorski (Newberry Library)

Members absent:
Nicole Ream-Sotomayor (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

CARLI staff attending:
Nicole Swanson

CARLI staff absent:
Jen Masciadrelli


Committee member announcements:

  • Ann Heinrichs shared that the Catholic Theological Union is now interviewing for a new library director.

CARLI reports:

  • Applications for CARLI Committee volunteers close this Friday, April 28, at noon. Encourage folks to volunteer. Direct communication helps. Our own committee has three vacancies for next year. 
  • Any interest from this group in doing a poster session for the 2017 Illinois Library Association (ILA) Conference? It could be on any part of the work of the committee that you feel is worth sharing. Joelen and Cynthia both expressed interest. The deadline for submissions is July 31, and the location is Tinley Park Convention Center. Unlike the revision of the CatER document which is more limited to an I-Share audience, the committee’s MARCedit basics work from last year might be a possible poster. 


  • CatER subcommittee report (Mary Konkel):
    • Jen sent out the correctly formatted main document for review, and edits on the main document are being finalized. Just two comments so far. First is a suggestion to change the title of the mini-report for ebooks because its scope has been broadened beyond ebooks to include online monographic resources for audio and video (i.e., streaming audio and streaming video). “Monographic e-resource” was suggested and agreed upon.  The second, from Ted, asked the Committee to strengthen the recommendation level for R2 (The Task Force recommends creating separate bibliographic records for continuing resources issued in electronic form (e.g., one for the print version, one for the electronic version). The 2009 document gave this a Level 1 recommendation (…should be followed without exception). He asks that our Level 2 recommendation (…should be followed if at all possible) to be rephrased to “Highly recommend” or “Strongly recommend” for the purpose of migration issues, format icon displays, faceted displays, etc.  
    • The main document and the mini-reports are all in Word in Box.  Please do one more pass.  As a courtesy, if you don’t have any recommendations for Jen, please let her know that you don’t have any so she is not waiting on anyone. Deadline for comments or your note to Jen that you don’t have comments will be May 15. Our revision of won’t need to go through the CARLI board, and so will just be posted on the CARLI website.
  • Spring forum, Collections Data Analysis and Maintenance, April 28. 
    • The agenda is available at 
    • Registration closed on April 12 with 92 registrants. Nicole will bring the handouts. 
    • Recorders -- For those introducing speakers and taking notes, Mary will mount the little bios on a card that will have the bios on one side, and a little timer with 3 minute warning, etc. on the reverse. Find your speaker at the beginning of the day and introduce yourself. Sit in front. Notes be submitted as bulleted notes and should capture information that is not on the slides, such as questions or discussion. Make sure sessions start and end at the same time.  Go find your speaker and introduce yourself.  Jen is planning to do the CARLI report. Cynthia’s colleagues will help with signage, directing traffic.
      • 10:15 – 11:00    Mary    
      • 11:10 – 11:55    Melissa    
      • 11:55 – 12:15    Sandy    
      • Breakouts:    Technical Services    Collections
      • 1:15 – 1:45    Jessica    Connie James-Jenkins
      • 1:50 – 2:20    Joelen    Kimberly Shotick
      • 2:25 – 2:55    Cynthia    Michelle Oh
      • 3:00 – 3:30    Mary    Deborah Blecic
  • Annual project, working title: Getting started with Database Maintenance: Using Access Reports and Other tools to Analyze and Maintain Your Library Database
    • Review final drafts of section breakouts by May 15th.  As they are ready, copy final drafts into the folder called “final project draft.boxnote”. 
    • Step 1.  A one-sentence definition of database maintenance was added. Joelen suggested stating more clearly that this document is meant to supplement existing CARLI document.
    • Step 2. No additional suggestions.
    • Step 3. Discussion and explanation of EIS versus the CARLI reports. Joelen suggested we merge Step 3 (instructions for running queries) with Step 5 (applying those instructions in a step-by-step process). Decision was made to reorder Step 5 so that it immediately follows Step 3, that is Step 1, 2, 3, 5 (new #3), and then 4 (new #5). 
    • Step 5 (new step #4) – note that there are 2 documents (Step 5 – Step-by-step… and Step 5 – F6.docx.  Nicole requests images be saved separately so they can be uploaded to the website individually. Edit the language in Section 3, Step 3 and Section 5 exporting the results to make certain that the language is the same in both; retain Melissa’s language.  The Introduction is a general step-by-step for finding, running and exporting canned reports … let’s add ‘for a more specific example (customizing) see Step 4’ – just so people know that this isn’t the be-all and end-all. Discussion about linking between and within documents and website usability resulted in Nicole offered to put in an anchor to see if we like it. 
    • Step 4 (new Step 5) working with report data.  Keith will complete his part soon and will title it with the new step number.  Discussed tips for sorting (use normalized call no. and make sure the 852 2nd indicator is correct), stripping OCLC prefix from 035 (Excel), dealing with Unicode characters (special setting in Access). 
    • Everyone’s final edits should be done and into the final document folder by May 15, with Nicole putting the documents online beginning May 22, so that the CARLI Board can look at it in June.  Feel free to make changes that you think are appropriate, or get in touch with the author to discuss.


  • Minutes of the March 22 meeting were approved
  • The committee finalized the reporter list and other incidentals for the Spring Forum
  • The meeting was adjourned at 10:33 am.

Tasks assigned:

  • All members: Recruit volunteers for the CARLI committees
  • All members: Review the CatER document and mini-reports. Deadline for comments or your note to Jen to say that you don’t have comments is May 15.
  • All members: Review final drafts of section breakouts by May 15th.  When your section is ready, copy its final drafts into the Box folder called “final project”.

Meeting dates and deadlines:

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 9:00-10:30 am, via conference call
  • Schedule of Technical Services Committee meetings (all via conference call): 
    • Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 9:00-10:30 am

Respectfully submitted,
Sandy Roe